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Added in Repentance

Suplex! is an unlockable activated item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Causes Isaac to dash a short distance. If Isaac runs into an enemy while dashing, he picks them up and a crosshair spawns under him that can be controlled with tear controls. After one second, Isaac leaps up and slams down on the crosshair with the enemy, dealing damage to them and any enemies he lands on depending on his size. On impact, this move creates circular rock waves that damage nearby enemies and destroy obstacles.
    • The damage the slam deals is 50 +/- 10 for each size up/down Isaac has.
    • Each spike in the rock wave deals 10 damage, and the range of the rock waves increases/decreases for each size up/down Isaac has.
    • Isaac is immune to damage for the duration of the effect, which allows him to use it to get into curse rooms and travel over spikes without taking damage.


  • In addition to normal enemies, Isaac is able to suplex:
    • Bomb Bombs of any kind
    • Bosses
    • Shopkeeper Shopkeepers
    • Poky Poky type enemies
    • Movable TNT TNT
    • Stone Grimace Stone Grimace type enemies (they will move back to their original position after the suplex)
    • Fires (including Fire Place Fire Places; if Isaac suplexes a fireplace, it will glitch out and leave an invisible damaging fireplace where he lands)
    • Using this on immobile enemies and bosses such as Mega Maw Mega Maw will result in Isaac and the enemy returning to the original location of the enemy after hitting the ground
    • Enemies that are normally invincible, such as the ghost of Blighted Ovum Blighted Ovum (which deals no damage to it) and The Haunt The Haunt before it moves to the top of the room.
    • Tainted ??? Tainted ???'s poops, making it easier to break tinted rocks and open secret rooms. After being suplexed, the broken poop can be repeatedly suplexed as well. The broken poop will block the movement of Isaac and enemies, as it is still technically intact, even though it is visually destroyed. If the broken poop is shot at by Isaac, it will be 'destroyed' and is no longer able to be suplexed.


  • Book of Virtues Book of Virtues: 3 wisps are summoned where Isaac lands after using Suplex; the wisps rotate around the spot Isaac landed and fire tears in the same direction Isaac does. The wisps do not persist between rooms.
  • Berserk! Berserk! / Soul of Samson Soul of Samson / Tainted Samson Tainted Samson: When used near the end of the Berserk state (any time after the second bell ring), Suplex receives a unique visual effect, and will deal massive damage to the target, while setting off a Mama Mega! Mama Mega! style explosion, destroying all obstacles in the current room and blowing open all doors. The target being Suplexed, as well as nearby enemies, will receive 300 base damage that scales with Isaac's size. All other enemies receive 200 flat damage.


  • Panic Button Panic Button: As long as Suplex! is fully charged, Panic Button automatically triggers when about to take damage, avoiding the damage and potentially grabbing an enemy in the process. Allows Isaac to grab an enemy by simply walking into them, provided the item is charged.

In-game footage[]


  • This item is likely a reference to the biblical story of Jacob wrestling an angel, hence its description.
  • It also likely refers to the Suplex ability from Final Fantasy, which is itself somewhat of an internet meme due to it being possible to suplex ridiculous things like trains or the suplexer themselves (when under the confusion status).
  • Several games in the Kirby series also feature a functionally identical Suplex ability. Suplex's pickup graphic resembles the ability's icon in Kirby Super Star.


Bug Bug! Using Suplex! in combination with Mega Mush Mega Mush makes you grab enemies and move them around until you leave the room. Doing this on any of the Ultra Harbingers or The Beast will make the enemy disappear and render you unable to move at all.
Bug Bug! Using Suplex! on the White Fire will permanently extinguish it, preventing you from turning into the Lost any further and potentially locking you out of Knife Piece 1 Knife Piece 1
Bug Bug! When using Suplex! with T.Jacob on Dark Esau, then using a pill while offscreen, it will cause Dark Esau to become fused to your body. He will not be able to hurt you, and he will stay stuck on you permanently until you are put into an animation (on hit, grabbing/using items,going to the next floor, etc;) which ends the bug, reverting him to his normal properties. It can also be used on anything that is or the game considers an enemy, (ex: Mom's Couch, Mom's Dresser, Shopkeepers, etc). It can also be used on bosses as well. Using this on either stage of Dogma will softlock the game.


Suplex entity deletion glitch: