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Stud Finder is an unlockable trinket added in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth.

Effect[ | ]

  • When a rock is destroyed, there is an additional 1 in 200 chance for a Crawl SpaceCrawl Space to spawn.

Notes[ | ]

  • Stud Finder's effect is applied when a rock is destroyed and does not depend on the rock's location.
    • Any of the rocks already seen before picking up Stud Finder can be affected by the trinket.
    • Shiny RockShiny Rock doesn't synergize with Stud Finder as there is no set location for the rocks that will reveal a Crawl Space when destroyed with Stud Finder.
    • Unlike Tinted Rocks and normal Crawl Space rocks whose generation is dependent on the room they're in, Stud Finder's Crawl Space generation effect mainly depends on the number of rocks destroyed, which means that the more rocks destroyed, the higher the chance to find a Crawl Space.

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