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A Stone Grimace is an invincible stationary statue with the shape of a head with a wide-open mouth and hollow eyes. Stone Grimaces will sporadically spit a Red bullet in Isaac's direction until the room is cleared by killing regular enemies, or by pressing Silver Button Silver Buttons. When the room is cleared, the Stone Grimace closes its eyes and mouth.


Vomit Grimace[]

The Vomit Grimace fires an explosive Ipecac Ipecac-like shot. Like Stone Grimaces, Vomit Grimaces will stop firing at Isaac when the room is cleared.

Triple Grimace[]

Added in Repentance

The Triple Grimace fires a triple shot. Like Stone Grimaces, Triple Grimaces will stop firing at Isaac when the room is cleared.

Gaping Maw[]

The Gaping Maw sucks Isaac towards it, along with warping Isaac's and any enemies' bullet paths. It does not fire any shots and simply functions as an obstacle, and is often surrounded by spikes. Added in Afterbirth They can, however, be deactivated by Silver Button Silver Buttons.


  • If a Gaping Maw is rerolled with D10 D10, it will always turn into an Oob Oob.

Broken Gaping Maw[]

A broken variant of the Gaping Maw. It alternates between active and inactive every four seconds, but it has a much stronger attraction power. Added in Afterbirth Just like regular Gaping Maws, they can be deactivated by Silver Button Silver Buttons. Prior to Afterbirth+ Booster Pack 5, only one room in the game contained Broken Gaping Maws.

Constant Stone Shooter[]

Constant Stone Shooters, sometimes referred to as Turret Grimaces, constantly fire bullets in a fixed direction, and do not stop firing even after the room is cleared. Added in Afterbirth The exceptions are rooms with Silver Button Silver Buttons, which deactivate them once they are all pressed.

Cross Stone Shooter[]

Added in Afterbirth †

Cross Stone Shooters were added in Booster Pack #4.

The Cross Stone Shooter, sometimes referred to as Cross Grimace, constantly fires bullets in four directions, alternating between cardinal and diagonal directions. If the room has to be cleared, whether by killing enemies or by pressing Silver Button Silver Buttons, then Cross Grimaces will deactivate upon the room's completion like a regular Grimace. However, if the room is purely trap based and does not present an objective to complete, then Cross Grimaces will continue shooting indefinitely.

Brimstone Head[]

Found in Gehenna Gehenna and Sheol Sheol, the Brimstone Head, sometimes referred to as Brimstone Grimace, periodically shoots Brimstone Brimstone lasers and does not stop firing even after the room is cleared. Added in Afterbirth The exception is pressing all Silver Button Silver Buttons, which deactivates them.

Stone Eye[]

The Stone Eye resembles the Bloodshot Eye Bloodshot Eye. It constantly rotates in a clockwise circle and shoots a flickering Technology Technology laser. It stops firing after the room is cleared. Unlike any other Stone Grimace variants, the Stone Eye appears to despawn when the room is cleared, exited, and then re-entered.

Bomb Grimace[]

Added in Repentance

The Bomb Grimace is a unique Stone Grimace in that its only purpose is to keep a single Throwable Bomb Throwable Bomb spawned. A few seconds after Isaac takes the bomb, it will spawn another.

If it is destroyed with an instant-death attack such as Euthanasia Euthanasia or Little Horn Little Horn, it spawns 10 throwable bombs.

Always spawns during the battle of Tuff Twins Tuff Twins and The Shell The Shell.

Quake Grimace[]

Added in Repentance

The Quake Grimace fires a line of rocks in one direction upon landing every 3 seconds. In most cases, even after the room is cleared of vulnerable enemies, they will continue this behavior. However, they can be deactivated from Silver Button Silver Buttons.

If a Secret Room Secret Room or a Super Secret Room Super Secret Room is placed in the path of their attack, the attack will break the wall and open the entrance.


  • These monsters are impassable, even with flight.
  • These monsters can be destroyed using Chaos Card Chaos Card, Added in Afterbirth †Little Horn Little Horn and Added in Afterbirth †Euthanasia Euthanasia, though they will respawn upon leaving and re-entering the room they were in.
  • With Infestation 2 Infestation 2, killing Stone Grimaces creates a Blue Spider, allowing blue spiders to be farmed by leaving and re-entering the room.
  • Fire Mind Fire Mind tears that hit these monsters can still cause explosions.
  • Added in Afterbirth Hitting Grimaces increases the Dead Eye Dead Eye damage multiplier.
  • Added in Afterbirth Grimaces can appear in rooms with Silver Button Silver Buttons, and will stop shooting once all buttons are pressed.
  • Added in Afterbirth † If an uncleared room has Cross Grimaces, leaving and then re-entering the room by bombing a door will make them stop shooting, making the room easier.
  • Added in Repentance 4 Stone Grimaces can appear in Loki Loki's boss fight.



  • Removed in Afterbirth † Stone Grimaces and their variants play their appearance animation for a second before resuming as deactivated in a cleared room if they were deactivated.
    • Added in Afterbirth † They now no longer reuse their appear animation in a cleared room when the player re-enters it.
  • If a Constant Stone Shooter is deactivated, it closes its eyes and mouth and stops crying, looking similar to Stone Grimaces upon deactivation. The difference is that deactivated Constant Stone Shooters still have a crack on top of their heads.
  • If a Gaping Maw or Broken Gaping Maw is deactivated, unlike other Grimaces, it doesn’t fully close its eyes. Instead, it closes its eyes only partially and makes a frown.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Previously, Broken Gaping Maws were extremely hard to find. As of Booster Pack #5, they are now more common to find in rooms.
  • Grimaces will turn green if poisoned.
  • Added in Repentance Great Gideon Great Gideon is the boss variant of Stone Grimaces.
  • Gaping Maws were going to have fangs, as shown on the Bestiary. They now can be found surrounded by spikes.
  • Added in Repentance Quake Grimaces have substantially different designs compared to their original appearance in Antibirth. Most notably, they are the same size as other Stone Grimaces instead of being twice as large, and they do not have the large gash in their body.
    • Pre-release content of Repentance as well as the "death preview" shows the original version of Quake Grimaces, suggesting this change was made late in development.