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Added in Repentance
Disambig-dark.png This article is about Star of Bethlehem, similar in appearance to Eden's Soul.

Star of Bethlehem is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Spawns a star familiar that slowly travels toward the boss room, fading through doors as it travels towards it. Once it reaches the boss room, the familiar stands in the center of the boss room for the rest of the floor.
  • The familiar emits an aura that, while Isaac stands inside it, gives him +1 damage, a 1.2x damage multiplier, a 0.4x tear delay multiplier, and homing tears. It also gives Isaac a chance to block damage similar to Cone Head Cone Head.


  • In The Void The Void, the familiar will travel to the boss room that contains Delirium.
  • In ??? ???, the familiar will stay in the first room and will not travel to Hush, rendering it useless.
  • In Greed Mode, the star will travel directly to the position where Isaac spawns upon entering a new floor.
    • On the last floor, it will move to the upper part of Ultra Greed's room.
  • Once the star settles down in the boss room, the damage preventing aura can be used to play Blood Donation Machines and Devil Beggars for free, provided they are spawned via XIV - Temperance XIV - Temperance or XX - Judgement XX - Judgement cards, respectively.
  • The star may travel through secret rooms and curse rooms on its path to the boss room.
  • The star will travel to the boss room to Mother, but it will not be present during the fight.
  • During the Ascent, the star will linger in the boss room of each floor, and will not progress backwards through the stage.
  • The star will not appear in the fight with The Beast or Mega Satan.
  • For Tainted Forgotten Tainted Forgotten, the bonuses from the star are only applied if Tainted Forgotten is within its aura, not Tainted Soul Tainted Soul.
  • If either Tainted Lazarus Tainted Lazarus or Dead Tainted Lazarus Dead Tainted Lazarus have picked up the star, the familiar will spawn in the same room the flip to its owner occurs, instead of continuing where it had previously left off. So flipping before or inside the boss room could be a viable way to guarantee the bonus during the fight, quite possibly in a faster manner as well since the star won't have to move through the entire floor.
  • During the Backasswards Challenge, the star acts as usual; originating in the starting room and gradually moving towards the boss room.
  • The star will be copied in the Mirrored World and will simultaneously travel in both worlds.
  • Entering and leaving the Knife Piece 2 Knife Piece 2 area will reset the star and make it reappear in the room with the minecart.

In-game footage[]


  • This item is a reference to the Star of Bethlehem which appears in the Nativity story of the Gospel of Matthew, signifying the birth of Jesus.


Bug Bug! In certain Challenges or daily runs, if the star is taken into a floor with a removed boss, e.g. The Lamb from the Dark Room Dark Room during I RULE!, the game will crash since it fails to find and home in on the non-existent Boss Room.