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(in Repentance)

Spin to Win is an activated item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.

Effects[ | ]

  • While the item is held, grants a spinning top orbital that blocks enemy shots and deals contact damage (3.5 per tick, or 35 per second).
  • While the item is being used, gives Isaac +0.5 speed and increases the contact damage on Isaac's familiars, even if they do not normally deal any. Additionally, orbital familiars spin much faster and knock back both enemies and Isaac when they deal damage.
    • The contact damage improves to (1.5 x contact damage + 6). If a familiar has no contact damage naturally, it still receives the +6.
    • Blue flies and blue spiders are also affected, and don't disappear while the item is in use.
  • The recharge timer is gradually drained over 3 seconds while the item is being used.
    • Isaac can stop using Spin to Win at any time by releasing the use item button, at which point Spin to Win starts recharging.
    • Spin to Win can be used while it is not fully charged, gradually draining however much charge there is.

Notes[ | ]

  • Isaac's effective speed can be higher than 2.0 while the item is active, even if the stat is capped.

Synergies[ | ]

  • Collectible Book of Virtues iconBook of Virtues: Generates up to eight wisps in the middle ring while charging the item, which are immediately extinguished once the charge runs out. These wisps shoot six times faster than an average wisp and deal 3 damage.
  • Duct TapeDuct Tape/RC RemoteRC Remote: Allows Isaac to use familiars' contact damage without getting close to enemies.
  • Character The Forgotten iconThe Forgotten: While playing as Character The Soul (Character) iconThe Soul, channeling Spin to Win will cause the Forgotten's skeleton to deal contact damage.
  • Collectible Gnawed Leaf iconGnawed Leaf: Gnawed Leaf will activate while using Spin to Win, as long as Isaac is stationary. This allows for a brief moment of high damage against enemies that chase Isaac. Activating or deactivating Spin to Win will remove Gnawed Leaf's invincibility.
  • Collectible Guardian Angel iconGuardian Angel: The orbital speed boost from Guardian Angel can be combined with that of Spin to Win, causing all the orbital familiars to spin extremely fast around Isaac.
  • Panic ButtonPanic Button: Has a chance to spawn additional wheels upon taking damage that last only for the current room. This is most likely a bug.
  • Collectible Pluto iconPluto: The exceedingly high speed and small hitbox enables Isaac to clip into obstacles such as rocks or pits, allowing him to effectively fly over them. Isaac can potentially get stuck, which can be fixed by exiting and continuing the run.
  • Collectible Taurus iconTaurus: Spin to Win's speed boost can instantly trigger the item's invincibility effect if it puts Isaac at 2.0 speed.

Interactions[ | ]

  • Collectible BFFS! iconBFFS!: The damage bonus of BFFS! is removed while Spin to Win is active. Most notably, this means familiars without natural contact damage do not gain additional damage, and others gain less than expected. Familiars that deal over 12 damage per hit before BFFS!' damage bonus is applied will deal reduced damage with Spin to Win active.
  • Collectible Bob's Brain iconBob's Brain / Collectible BBF iconBBF / Collectible Holy Water iconHoly Water / Collectible GB Bug iconGB Bug: While Spin to Win is active, prevents the familiar from exploding/being destroyed on enemy contact.
    • GB Bug wont reroll enemies on contact while Spin to Win is active.
  • Collectible Car Battery iconCar Battery: No effect.
  • Collectible Metronome iconMetronome: When Metronome chooses Spin to Win, Isaac gains two orbitals with no other benefits of Spin to Win.
  • Collectible Mom's Razor iconMom's Razor: Mom's Razor deals a fixed 16.5 contact damage, instead of its usual damage-scaled value, while Spin to Win is active.
  • Character Tainted Forgotten iconTainted Forgotten: Unlike the non-tainted counterpart, Tainted Forgotten's body gains no extra contact damage while Spin to Win is active. Additionally, Tainted Forgotten's contact damage familiars have only 80% of their usual damage.
  • Collectible Void iconVoid: After absorbing Spin to Win, using Void spawns a temporary, passive Spin to Win familiar for the room. It cannot be activated further for the damage and speed bonuses.

In-game footage[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The term 'spin to win' is a term that is associated with RNG based games, specifically ones that utilize a game show wheel.
    • The pattern on the top is reminiscent to a multicolored game show wheel, which further cements the origin of the name.
  • Spin to Win's item description of 'Let it Rip' is the tagline for Beyblade, which is a toy line and anime centered around battling tops.
  • Spin to Win, Collectible Larynx iconLarynx, Collectible Notched Axe iconNotched Axe , and Collectible Everything Jar iconEverything Jar are the only activated items that can be used when not fully charged.

Bugs[ | ]

Bug Bug! With Collectible Book of Virtues iconBook of Virtues, leaving a room just before the item's charge runs out causes all wisps generated by Spin to Win to remain with Isaac, and will retain their very high fire rate.
  • The wisps will orbit at their normal speed rather than the increased speed.
  • Upon entering an uncompleted boss room, all wisps from this effect are extinguished immediately.
Bug Bug! On mobile, Spin to Win does not work. It spins for a singular frams, then deactivates.