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(except in Repentance)

Special items are items in the game that are considered stronger than normal by the developers. If the player sees a special item, even if the player has Curse of the Blind, subsequent special items have a chance of being rerolled rather than being presented to Isaac, decreasing the likelihood of obtaining multiple special items on one run.

The system was removed entirely in Repentance, with the item weight mechanic expanded to compensate.

Special Item Generation[ | ]

When Isaac enters a room with an item in it, items are selected out of certain item pools depending upon the current room. Special items have a chance of being re-rolled depending on how many special items have been seen during the run:

Number of Special Items Seen Re-roll Chance
0 0%
1 50%
2 90%
3 98%
4 or more 99%

Notes[ | ]

  • Isaac's Collectible The D6 iconThe D6 doesn't count as a "seen" special item, as it is directly given to him when the run starts.
  • Special items given by the Collectible D4 iconD4, the Collectible D100 iconD100, 1-pip Dice Rooms, and 6-pip Dice Rooms count as "seen" special items.
  • Due to the nature of special items, it can sometimes require hundreds of Collectible The D6 iconThe D6 rolls for special items that are not in the Treasure Room pool to appear. (Note that with infinite rolls, it is always possible to see a special item as long as it is not already removed from the pools.)