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Slow Roll is Challenge #15. Start off with Collectible Polyphemus iconPolyphemus, Collectible Cupid's Arrow iconCupid's Arrow, and Collectible My Reflection iconMy Reflection. Damage is fixed at 100, shot speed is fixed at 1.0 and tear delay is fixed at 60. The goal is to defeat Boss Mom ingameMom. This Challenge is unlocked by default.

Difficulty[ | ]

Tears are huge, are blocked by obstacles, have a slow, small range, and there is a substantial cooldown between firing each shot.

Strategy[ | ]

  • Tears fired are huge and do high amounts of damage, meaning it is not difficult to kill an enemy if there is a clear shot.
  • Thanks to Cupid's Arrow, tears do not disappear when hitting an enemy.
  • My Reflection will shrink the range of tears considerably, to about half a room. A little practice is more than enough to accommodate it.
  • The biggest worry in this challenge is large amounts of Obstacles. This can be mitigated by spectral tears, such as those granted by Collectible Spirit of the Night iconSpirit of the Night or Collectible Dead Dove iconDead Dove. These items can be found in a Devil RoomDevil Room or Angel RoomAngel Room, respectively.
  • Collectible Mom's Knife iconMom's Knife (also (in Repentance)Collectible Spirit Sword iconSpirit Sword) can be considered as a high risk, high reward item to get in this challenge- while it must be fought with almost exclusively at melee range (due to its excruciatingly long charge), it deals enough damage to where it can one-hit kill almost all enemies (including bosses).
  • Collectible Guppy's Head iconGuppy's Head spawns flies that deal twice the starting damage, making them extremely effective weapons.
  • (except in Repentance)Collectible Succubus iconSuccubus will kill most enemies and early-game bosses instantaneously (as soon as they enter the area of its damage).
  • Collectible Chocolate Milk iconChocolate Milk will allow Isaac to rapidly fire large shots that each still deal high damage.
  • Collectible Tammy's Head iconTammy's Head fires 10 high power shots, making it an easy option for clearing the challenge.
  • (in Repentance) Collectible Notched Axe iconNotched Axe's swings scale off of Isaac's damage, and are not affected by tear delay, resulting in quite a useful weapon.
  • (in Repentance)Collectible Sharp Key iconSharp Key fires a tear worth 5x Isaac's damage + 30, making it deal 530 damage per shot.

Reward[ | ]