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Added in Afterbirth †

Sisters Vis are a boss added in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth † that can appear in all environments of Chapter 3 (Depths Depths, Necropolis Necropolis, Dank Depths Dank Depths) Removed in Repentance and Chapter 4 (Womb Womb, Utero Utero, Scarred Womb Scarred Womb).


Phase 1[]

Sisters Vis perform the following attacks in conjunction:

  • Similar to The Cage The Cage, Sisters Vis curl up into balls and roll around the room, bouncing off the walls and each other. One of them leaves a trail of Green Creep and begins rolling towards Isaac while the other leaves behind a trail of Brown Creep and begins rolling away from Isaac. After a while, one sister stops rolling before the other and:
    • Fires a Mega Blast Mega Blast laser in the cardinal direction closest to Isaac's position.
      • This Mega Blast laser occasionally sweeps back and forth in a wide arc.
    • Fire 2-4 lines of 3-5 projectiles in the cardinal direction closest to Isaac's position.

The attacking Sister Vis finishes a few seconds before the other Sister Vis stops rolling.

  • The sisters leap into the air and land on each side of Isaac's position either vertically or horizontally. They then fire Mega Blast lasers towards each other. The two beams collide and stop in the middle of the sisters.
  • Together they spawn either two Vis Vis or two Begotten Begottens.
    • These spawns can be killed if caught in their rolling or their Mega Blast attacks.
  • If only one sister is targeted and ends up taking a lot more damage compared to the other in a short period of time, then the sister not being targeted becomes enraged for the rest of the fight, attacking and moving at a faster pace.

Phase 2[]

When one of the two is killed, the other becomes enraged.

  • It no longer performs the jump attack but always performs a Mega Blast or projectile attack after rolling.
  • If the Sister Vis that leaves Green Creep dies first, the other will leave Green Creep instead of Brown Creep.



  • A possible encounter in Greedier Mode may spawn up to 8 Sisters Vis.
  • They can be found in The Void The Void, even when not unlocked.


  • Sisters Vis originated from the 2004 PC game Gish, created by Edmund McMillen.
    • In Gish, they are the bosses of the 3rd area: The 7 Planes of Hehenna.
    • As the Sisters Vis are originally from Gish. The designs of the Vis enemies and The Cage itself originated from them.
  • On the Sisters Vis' bodies, there is a Y-shaped mark. During an autopsy, an incision is made into the body and is stitched up afterward. The remaining Y-shaped mark is known as an autopsy stitch.
  • Sisters Vis are the only normal boss that shoots the type of laser that is shot by Mega Satan Mega Satan and the item Mega Blast.
  • There are unused textures for Sisters Vis in the base game (no DLC). [1]
    • The unlock condition for Sisters Vis would have been to "beat Sheol Sheol 10 times" and would have appeared in Sheol after being unlocked. It's unknown how this would work in-game, as Satan Satan acts as one of the final bosses and always appears in Sheol.
  • They appear to be wearing leather "gimp masks", which are attire used in BDSM.


Bug Bug! When there are four Sisters Vis (two pairs, which can be seen in Greed Mode) in the same room, there is a chance that three of them will act like normal, but the fourth one won't move or attack at all. However, when three are killed, the fourth one will return to normal.
Bug Bug! Sisters Vis can spawn in the bottom center of a Boss Room. If the entrance to the room is from the bottom, entering the room may cause Isaac to immediately take damage.