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Added in Repentance

Singe is a boss added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance that can appear in Ashpit Ashpit.


Singe always spawns with 4 damaging spiked rock balls that can be pushed around; these play an important role in his attacks. Any spiked rock caught up in an explosion launches rapidly across the room, bouncing when colliding into obstacles, walls, and each other.

  • Leaves a small cloud of explosive gas by farting.
    • Spiked rocks caught in this attack will be propelled slowly.
  • Runs erratically towards Isaac or a spiked rock and creates an explosion at the end of the run.
    • If close to Isaac at the end of the run, Singe can also perform a short jump in Isaac's direction to gain extra distance, creating an explosion on landing.
  • Charges up before releasing a large explosion, launching Singe into the air and creating a small cross-shaped pit in his wake. This attack spawns an additional spiked rock that lands down alongside him. This attack only occurs twice during the fight and only after Singe has reached a certain amount of HP.
    • Spiked rocks are able to be launched into the pit that Singe creates. This temporarily removes it until Singe generates another explosion which spawns it again from the ceiling.
    • Multiple spiked rocks can be removed at a time but Singe only spawns one back at a time per each explosion.
  • After performing its second large explosion Singe gains a new attack where he stands still and shoots out a wide stream of fire in Isaac's general direction that slightly adjusts to follow his movements.
  • Singe explodes upon death which can damage Isaac.



  • Singe gets his name from the word singe, which is a superficial burn.
  • Along with The Beast, this is Edmund's favorite boss in Repentance.
  • Singe used to be a whitish-grey color in the pre-release on PAX before becoming a dark grey.
  • According to a Twitter AMA on April 4th 2021, the reason why Singe is so gassy is because he eats farts.
  • In the bestiary, Singe has an unique animation of him dancing, which is not shown during battle.

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