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Shopkeepers are present in every Shop Shop and most Secret Room Secret Rooms, and can also be found in Vault Vaults, Arcade Arcades, Bedrooms, and I AM ERROR I AM ERROR rooms. Occasionally, destroying them will yield rewards.

Destroying a shopkeeper increases the chance for a Devil Room Devil Room or Angel Room Angel Room to appear by 10% for the current floor.

Normal Shopkeepers[]

Shopkeeper.png Hanging Shopkeeper.png

Possible Rewards[]

Added in Afterbirth Special Shopkeeper[]

Special Shopkeeper.png Special Hanging Shopkeeper.png

Special shopkeepers have a chance to replace regular shopkeepers. Special shopkeepers are unlocked by donating 234 coins to the Greed Machine and special hanging shopkeepers are unlocked by donating 10 coins to the Greed Machine.

Possible Rewards[]


Unlockable Achievements[]


  • The Shopkeeper's faces occasionally take on the appearance of certain popular Internet memes, such as "Forever Alone".
  • Added in Repentance A Shopkeeper shares the appearance of a Dummy Dummy.


Bug Bug! Added in Repentance Greed Greeds spawned by blowing up Shopkeepers will play the incorrect boss music.