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Shopkeepers are present in every Shop Shop and most Secret Room Secret Rooms, and can also be found in Vault Vaults, Arcade Arcades, Bedrooms, and I AM ERROR I AM ERROR rooms. They cannot be hit by normal attacks, but explosions and certain items will damage them. Occasionally, destroying them will yield rewards.

Destroying a shopkeeper increases the chance for a Devil Room Devil Room or Angel Room Angel Room to appear by 10% for the current floor.

Normal Shopkeepers[]

Shopkeeper.png Hanging Shopkeeper.png

Possible Rewards[]

Added in Afterbirth Special Shopkeeper[]

Special Shopkeeper.png Special Hanging Shopkeeper.png

Special shopkeepers have a chance to replace regular shopkeepers. Special shopkeepers are unlocked by donating 234 coins to the Greed Machine and special hanging shopkeepers are unlocked by donating 14 coins to the Greed Machine.

Possible Rewards[]


  • Shopkeepers have 5 hit points, but most attacks capable of hitting them deal more damage than that.
  • Non-explosion attacks that can damage shopkeepers include The Boomerang The Boomerang, Red Candle Red Candle, The Candle The Candle, Added in RepentanceStitches Stitches, and Added in RepentanceMars Mars.
    • The blast from Added in RepentanceDark Arts Dark Arts will hit shopkeepers, but the slicing attack will not. This means an extra target is required to destroy a shopkeeper with Dark Arts.
    • The blast from Added in Afterbirth †Camo Undies Camo Undies will hit shopkeepers.
    • Shopkeepers can be grabbed with Added in RepentanceSuplex! Suplex!.
  • With Infestation 2 Infestation 2, destroying shopkeepers will spawn blue spiders.
  • Using the PAC1 F1SM Seed makes Shopkeepers invincible too.
  • If Greed Greed appears after destroying a Special Shopkeeper, the doors will be locked.
  • Shopkeepers will be targeted by Mom's foot when using II - The High Priestess II - The High Priestess.
  • Added in Afterbirth If Isaac already has Steam Sale Steam Sale and Head of the Keeper Head of the Keeper, Shopkeepers will not drop any further pedestal items.
  • Added in Afterbirth If Isaac has Holy Light Holy Light and hits an enemy near a Shopkeeper with a Holy Light tear, the Shopkeeper will be destroyed by the beam of light.
  • Added in Repentance If aligned correctly, Shopkeepers can be destroyed using Suplex! Suplex!. The shockwaves may also hit the Donation Machine.png Donation Machine.

Unlockable Achievements[]


  • The Shopkeeper's faces occasionally take on the appearance of certain popular Internet memes, such as "Forever Alone".
  • Added in Repentance A Shopkeeper shares the appearance of a Dummy Dummy.


Bug Bug! Added in Repentance Greed Greeds spawned by blowing up Shopkeepers will play the incorrect boss music.