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Not to be confused with The Shop The Shop, a floor in Greed mode.

Removed in Repentancelink Added in Repentancelinklink

A shop is a room that sells various items in exchange for pennies. Shops require a key to open, unless Isaac holds Added in AfterbirthStore Key Store Key, and appear in every Chapter prior to The Womb The Womb or including The Womb if Isaac holds Added in Afterbirth †Silver Dollar Silver Dollar. Additionally, a single Shop always spawns adjacent to the ??? ??? starting room.

Only one shop will ever spawn on a floor at a given time, even while under the effect of Curse of the Labyrinth.

Added in Repentance Shops on the first floor of any run do not require a key to open.

Shops have a chance of being replaced by a miniboss room containing Greed or Super Greed once entered. Once either miniboss has been defeated in a Shop, it will not appear in another for the rest of the run.

  • If Greed or Super Greed are fought in a Secret Room, they will not appear in the Shop if defeated.
  • Greed will always spawn first, followed by Super Greed.
  • Added in AfterbirthRib of Greed Rib of Greed prevents both Greed and Super Greed from appearing in Shops while held.

Added in AfterbirthGreed ModeEdit

In Greed Mode, Shops are twice as wide as usual and do not require a key to enter. They always contains a key, a red heart, an item from the Greed Mode shop pool, an item from the Greed Mode boss pool, and two random pickups, trinkets, or items from the Greed Mode treasure room pool. A new item will spawn after an item is purchased, as if Isaac is under the effect of Added in Afterbirth15►Restock Restock.

Shops will never be replaced by Greed or Super Greed in Greed Mode.



The Shop almost always contains at least two consumables and a Donation Machine. Shops will contain at the maximum six items depending on their level.

  •   Steam Sale will halve all prices in the shop, including discounted ones.
    •  Two Steam Sales will make every item free, which can be combined with    Restock to allow infinite purchasing power. This also holds true in Greed Mode.
  • Any purchasable item has a chance to be discounted, which will cut its price in half.
    • Discounted items have red price tags instead of white price tags.
    • If a discount leaves the price of an item at a number that is not an integer, pedestal items will round their price down while pickups will round their price up.
  • Shops can sell red hearts for 3¢. They can also sell soul hearts, bombs, keys, batteries, pills, and tarot cards for 5¢ each,  and sacks for 7¢ .
  • After reaching Lv. 1, the Shop will start selling pedestal items for 15¢. A list of items that can be available for sale can be found here.
  •   There is a 50% chance for the Donation Machine that spawns in the Shop to be replaced by a Restock Machine.


Shops start at Lv. 0 and can be upgraded through the Donation Machine, which can be found in Shops and sometimes in arcades, vaults, black markets, and rare room layouts. Each level increases the amount of items for sale and visually fills the walls of the Shop.

  Normal mode will always feature the highest unlocked level of shop. In hard mode, any level of shop that has been unlocked can appear.

Level Pennies donated Shop stock Layout
0 0 2 consumables available for sale  
1 20 2 consumables and 1 pedestal item available for sale  
2 100 3 consumables and 1 pedestal item available for sale  
3 200 3–4 consumables and 1–2 pedestal items available for sale

Five items total

4 600 4–5 consumables and 1–2 pedestal items available for sale

Six items total


Added in Afterbirth † Rare variantsEdit

There is a small chance for the Shop to be replaced by one of its two rare variants:


  • The Shop can also be accessed through the usage of   IX - The Hermit, Curse of the Maze,   Dad's Key, a secret room, or    Store Key.
  •   The Shop has a door that is identical to a Library as well as an identical symbol on the minimap. The Shop can never spawn adjacent to the starting room (with the exception of the first floor), meaning that any one-key door that spawns adjacent to the spawn room is a Library and not a Shop.
    •    Store Key will not open Library doors, making it a useful way to expose Libraries.
    •   Shops were given a unique door frame.
  • Using a   Credit Card in the shop will make everything for sale free, spawning item pedestals and removing all listed prices.
    •    Restock only replenishes items that are bought for a listed price; therefore, Credit Card cannot be used to restock the Shop.
  • Holding   Store Credit will reduce the price of all items to 0¢. It will be consumed once an item is purchased. Unlike the   Credit Card,    Restock will restock the bought item.
    •   If the   Store Credit effect is gained through the effects of    Error, it will not be consumed upon making a purchase; this can be combined with    Restock to infinitely purchase items.
  • Using a   Rune of Jera rune creates a free copy of all pickups, even if they haven't been purchased.
    •    Diplopia acts identically with the exception of duplicating pedestal items as well.
  • The dead shopkeeper that spawns in the Shop can be bombed for potential rewards.
    • Shopkeepers can spawn   Steam Sale,    Head of the Keeper, or    Coupon at a 1% chance, drop two pennies, or drop nothing.
    •  Special shopkeepers can replace the regular shopkeeper at a chance, which drop better rewards.
      • Special shopkeepers can spawn nothing, Greed, any of the six penny trinkets, or a nickel.
    • If   II - The High Priestess is used in a room with a dead shopkeeper, the foot will target and destroy the dead shopkeeper.
  • If enough items are purchased to empty the Shop item pool (excluding the effects of   Chaos), shop items will begin to draw from the Treasure Room pool.
  • A total of 9 Shops can be entered during a normal run — two in   The Basement, two in   The Caves, two in   The Depths, two in   The Womb with the    Silver Dollar, and one in   ???.
  •   Items will increase in price the more bought until maxing out at 99 cents.

Unlockable achievementsEdit