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Shoop Da Whoop! is an activated item.


  • When used, the next shot will fire a large, Brimstone Brimstone-like laser in the direction Isaac shoots that deals double Isaac's tear damage. If Isaac is already shooting, the item immediately activates in that direction.
    • The laser hits up to 13 times.
    • Added in Afterbirth † Status effects can be applied by the laser.


  • Despite the laser looking very similar to Brimstone, it doesn't share most of the Brimstone-specific interactions.
  • This item can drop from Envy Envy.
  • Can still be used while blindfolded.
  • This item synergizes extremely well with items that significantly increase damage such as Polyphemus Polyphemus and Ipecac Ipecac.


  • Added in Repentance4.5 Volt 4.5 Volt: Allows the item to be charged and used multiple times in a room, which can help with dealing extra damage in enduring fights like most endgame bosses.
  • 9 Volt 9 Volt: Can be used once every room, and more frequently in Challenge Room Challenge Rooms.
  • Added in RepentanceBook of Virtues Book of Virtues: Spawns white wisps in the outer ring. The wisps also fire lasers when Isaac uses Shoop Da Whoop!. The lasers deal 7 damage per tick (BUG: 3.5 if Isaac has BFFS! BFFS!), and can hit up to 10 times for a total of 70 damage. Multiple lasers can hit the same enemy.
  • Broken Remote Broken Remote: Since item charges aren't expended until Isaac chooses a direction to shoot, the player can teleport across the floor indefinitely.


In-game Footage[]


  • Shoop Da Whoop! is an old internet meme of the face of Cell from the anime Dragonball Z which fires a laser from its mouth; this item is a direct reference to it. This meme is accompanied by yelling "I'm-a firin' mah lazar!", followed by the noise "BLLLARRRRGGG!", which is where the item's tooltip comes from.



PS4 8RNE 8VXB (First floor Treasure Room)

Vita JHNQ WEVW (First floor Treasure Room)

PC HERK 62DR (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

PC SLLE HYLV (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

3DS CS6R ZJBT (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

Switch ZAFF M9F9 (Starting item as Eden)


Bug Bug! Using the item at the same time that you touch a large Golden Chest (dropped by final bosses such as The Lamb and ???) will freeze Isaac, and the ending won't appear. Leaving and re-entering the run will fix the bug.