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| style="text-align: center; border: none" |[[Ultra Pride]]
| style="text-align: center; border: none" |[[Ultra Pride]]
| style="text-align: center; border: none" |{{dlc|a}} [[Ultra Greed]]
| style="text-align: center; border: none" |{{dlc|a}} [[Ultra Greed]]<br />

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The Seven Deadly Sins are mini-bosses that can be encountered on any floor in their respective Mini-Boss rooms outside of The Chest and Dark Room. Unlike with bosses, there is no special door leading to a mini-boss room, meaning that there is no way to tell whether a room is inhabited by a mini-boss unless the player has an item that reveals map icons such as Compass or a Map item. Once in a mini-boss room, the player cannot escape through means of bombing the door, as it will be boarded off.

Each of the Sins has specific drops, that are consumables or a pedestal item (less frequently).
In a room containing multiple Sins, only the last one will drop something, allowing you to choose what drop you want by killing a certain mini-boss last.

All of them are based on the Seven Deadly Sins.


Boss Envy.png
Envy Gluttony Wrath
Pride Lust Greed

Super Sins

These are much stronger alternatives to the original sins, known as the Seven Super Deadly Sins.

Added in Repentance The Super Sins cannot appear during Chapter 1.

Super Envy.png
Super Gluttony.png
Super Wrath.png
Super Envy Super Gluttony Super Wrath
Super Pride.png
Super Lust.png
Super Greed.png
Super Pride Super Lust Super Greed
Super Sloth.png
Super Sloth

Ultra Sins

There is an Ultra variant of both Pride and Greed. Ultra Pride resembles Edmund and Florian, while Ultra Greed serves as the final boss for Greed Mode.

Ultra Pride.png
Ultra Greed ingame.png
Ultra Pride Added in Afterbirth Ultra Greed

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