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Added in Afterbirth

Isaac will gain 3 soul hearts and permanent flight after picking up 3 or more of the following items.

Activated Collectibles[]

Name ID Icon Quote Description Added in Repentance Quality
The Bible 5.100.33
The Bible
4 rooms
Temporary flight On use, Isaac gains flight for the current room. Instantly kills Mom, Mom's Heart, and It Lives when activated, but kills Isaac when used on Satan. 1

Passive Collectibles[]

Name ID Icon Quote Description Added in Repentance Quality
Dead Dove 5.100.185 Dead Dove Flight + spectral tears Grants spectral tears and flight. 3
Holy Grail 5.100.184 Holy Grail Flight + HP up Grants flight and one Red Heart container. 3
Holy Mantle 5.100.313 Holy Mantle Holy shield Upon entering a room, grants a shield that negates the first damage taken. 4
Mitre 5.100.173 Mitre Blessing of purity Grants a chance of converting any Red Heart pickups into Soul Hearts instead. 3
Rosary 5.100.72 Rosary Tears + faith up Adds 3 Soul Hearts. The Bible will appear in any item pool.
Added in RepentanceAlso a +0.5 tears up.
The Halo 5.100.101 The Halo All stats up Grants one full Red Heart container, +0.3 damage, +0.2 tears, +0.25 range, +0.3 speed, and +0.5 tear height. 2
Removed in Repentance Guardian Angel 5.100.112 Guardian Angel Extra protection Spawns an orbital familiar that blocks enemy shots, deals 105 damage per second to enemies, and increases the speed of all orbital familiars. 2
Removed in Repentance Sworn Protector 5.100.363 Sworn Protector Protective friend Spawns an orbital familiar which does 105 damage per second and attracts and blocks enemy shots. Upon blocking 10 shots in a room, it drops an Eternal Heart. 3
Added in Repentance Celtic Cross 5.100.162 Celtic Cross Blessing of protection Grants a chance to trigger the 15►Book of Shadows Book of Shadows effect upon taking damage, creating a shield that nullifies all types of damage for 7 seconds. 1
Added in Repentance Divine Intervention 5.100.568 Divine Intervention Double tap shield Double tapping a fire key creates a shield that pushes away enemies and reflects enemy projectiles and lasers. 2
Added in Repentance Godhead 5.100.331 Godhead God tears Grants homing tears with a damaging halo. +0.5 damage, -0.3 tears, +1.2 range, -0.3 shot speed, +0.8 tear height. 4
Added in Repentance Holy Light 5.100.374 Holy Light Holy death shot Adds a chance to fire holy tears, which will create a damaging light beam in the area if they hit an enemy. 3
Added in Repentance Immaculate Heart 5.100.573 Immaculate Heart Halo of tears Adds one Red Heart Container and fully restores health. x1.2 damage multiplier. Isaac will occasionally fire extra tears that orbit around him. 3
Added in Repentance Revelation 5.100.643 Revelation Awaken your faith Grants flight and two soul hearts. In addition to tears, Isaac can charge up and fire a powerful holy laser. 4
Added in Repentance Sacred Heart 5.100.182 Sacred Heart Homing shots + DMG up Grants homing tears, x2.3 damage multiplier, +1 flat damage, +4.125 range, +0.75 tear height, -0.4 tears, -0.25 shot speed, a red Heart Container and replenishes all Red Hearts. 4
Added in Repentance Sacred Orb 5.100.691 Sacred Orb Destined for greatness Prevents low-quality items from spawning, greatly increasing the quality of items received from all item pools. 4
Added in Repentance Salvation 5.100.696 Salvation Divine protection Gives Isaac a halo that summons beams of light on enemies inside it. The halo grows larger the more times Isaac has taken damage this floor. 2
Added in Repentance Scapular 5.100.142 Scapular Pray for a miracle Once per room, when Isaac is reduced to his last half heart, he is granted one Soul Heart. 2


  • Despite having the same name, the familiar Seraphim Seraphim does not contribute to the Seraphim transformation.


PC Normal mode only QYTQ 9MY6 First two floors

PC Hard mode only 6NKO NW3F (Cellar II boss. Needs to have Guppy's Tail from Curse room on 1st floor to get red chest. Rosary in Treasure room on 1st floor, The Bible from red chest on 2nd floor, The Halo from 2nd boss.)