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Items in this pool can be found in the Secret Room.

Activated Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Weight Description
Blank Card 5.100.286
Blank Card
4 rooms
1 Removed in Repentance Has the same effect as the card or rune currently held by Isaac.
Added in Repentance Has the same effect as the card currently held by Isaac.
Book of Secrets 5.100.287
Book of Secrets
6 rooms
1 Gives the effect of 15►Treasure Map Treasure Map, 15►The Compass The Compass, or 15►Blue Map Blue Map for the duration of the current floor.
Forget Me Now 5.100.127
Forget Me Now
One time use
1 On use, re-generates the current floor with a new layout. Isaac loses Forget Me Now, but keeps other items and consumables picked up on the original floor.
The Necronomicon 5.100.35
The Necronomicon
6 rooms
1 Deals 40 damage to every enemy in the room.
We Need to Go Deeper! 5.100.84
We Need to Go Deeper!
6 rooms
1 Creates a trapdoor to go to the next floor. If used in The Womb The Womb, it will create a trapdoor to Sheol Sheol, even if the player hasn't unlocked it.
Added in Afterbirth † / Removed in Repentance Compost 5.100.480
2 rooms
1 Doubles Isaac's Blue Flies and Blue Spiders, or spawns one if Isaac has none. Converts pickups in the current room into Blue Flies or Blue Spiders.
Added in Repentance Clear Rune 5.100.263
Clear Rune
1 Has the same effect as the rune or soul stone currently held by Isaac.
Added in Repentance D Infinity 5.100.489
D Infinity
1 Removed in Repentance Grants a random dice item that changes each use.
Added in Repentance Acts as any dice item, and can by cycled by pressing the drop key.
Added in Repentance Death Certificate 5.100.628
Death Certificate
One time use
1 Takes Isaac to an abandoned and expanded version of Home, which has one copy of every item in the game. After taking an item, Isaac returns to the room he used Death Certificate in.
Added in Repentance Esau Jr. 5.100.703
Esau Jr.
1 rooms
1 Swaps between the current character and Esau Jr., who has +2 damage and flight. Characters have independent items and health. Dying as either character ends the run.
Added in Repentance Eternal D6 5.100.609
Eternal D6
2 rooms
1 Rerolls all items in the room. Each item has a chance to disappear instead.
Added in Repentance Keeper's Box 5.100.719
Keeper's Box
4 rooms
1 Spawns a random shop item/pickup.
Added in Repentance Mega Mush 5.100.625
Mega Mush
12 rooms
1 Gigantifies Isaac for 30 seconds, increasing damage and range while lowering tears, granting invulnerability, and allowing Isaac to crush enemies and obstacles he walks on. The effect persists between rooms.
Added in Repentance R Key 5.100.636
R Key
One time use
1 Brings Isaac back to the first floor of a new run, retaining all of his items.
Added in Repentance Red Key 5.100.580
Red Key
4 rooms
1 Creates a new room adjacent to a viable wall, indicated by the outline of a door. These rooms have a chance to be various special rooms.
Added in Repentance Spindown Dice 5.100.723
Spindown Dice
6 rooms
1 Transforms all items in the room by decreasing their internal ID number.
Added in Repentance Wavy Cap 5.100.582
Wavy Cap
0.5 seconds
1 Increases fire rate, decreases speed, and distorts the screen. All effects before more pronounced with repeated use, and wear off by clearing rooms.

Passive Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Weight Description
1up! 5.100.11 1up! 1 Gives Isaac an extra life. Upon death, he will respawn in the previous room with full health and lose the 1up!.
Black Lotus 5.100.226 Black Lotus 1 Grants one Red Heart, one Soul Heart, and one Black Heart.
Cursed Eye 5.100.316 Cursed Eye 1 Grants charged tears that can be fired in a tight burst of four. Getting hit while charging will teleport Isaac into another room.
Infamy 5.100.242 Infamy 1 Chance to block projectiles coming from any direction.
Lost Contact 5.100.213 Lost Contact 1 Isaac's tears can hit and destroy enemy projectiles. -0.16 shot speed.
Missing No. 5.100.258 Missing No. 1 Randomizes all passive items and stats upon pickup and at the start of each succeeding floor.
Missing Page 2 5.100.262 Missing Page 2 1 Grants one Black Heart. Upon taking damage that reduces Isaac's health to one heart or less, activates 15►The Necronomicon The Necronomicon effect, dealing 40 damage to all enemies in the room.
Mystery Sack 5.100.271 Mystery Sack 1 Spawns a familiar that drops a Heart, coin, bomb, or key every 5-6 rooms.
Odd Mushroom 5.100.121 Odd Mushroom 1 Grants one empty Heart container, +0.3 damage, +0.25 range, +0.5 tear height, and -0.1 speed.
Odd Mushroom 5.100.120 Odd Mushroom 1 +1.7 tears, +0.3 speed, slightly reduces damage.
Pyro 5.100.190 Pyro 1 Grants 99 bombs.
Raw Liver 5.100.16 Raw Liver 1 Grants 2 Red Heart containers and completely restores health.
Sack of Pennies 5.100.94 Sack of Pennies 1 Spawns a familiar that drops a coin every 2 rooms.
Samson's Chains 5.100.321 Samson's Chains 1 Attaches a ball and chain to Isaac that pulls behind him that damages enemies, blocks shots, and destroys most obstacles.
Skeleton Key 5.100.17 Skeleton Key 1 Gives Isaac 99 keys.
Transcendence 5.100.20 Transcendence 1 Grants flight.
Removed in Repentance A Quarter 5.100.74 A Quarter 1 Adds 25 to Isaac's coin count, capping at 99.
Removed in Repentance Bomb Bag 5.100.131 Bomb Bag 1 Spawns a familiar that drops a bomb every 3 rooms.
Removed in Repentance Mr. Mega 5.100.106 Mr. Mega 1 Grants 5 bombs, and makes all dropped bombs larger, which have an increased blast radius and increased damage.
Added in Afterbirth GB Bug 5.100.405 GB Bug 1 Removed in Repentance Spawns a familiar that bounces diagonally around the room, applying a random status effect to enemies it hits and has a chance to re-roll pickups it passes over.
Added in Repentance Spawns a familiar that follows Isaac. Double tapping the fire button launches it forward, causing it to reroll the first monster or pickup it hits. It respawns after clearing a room.
Added in Afterbirth Key Bum 5.100.388 Key Bum 1 Spawns a familiar that follows Isaac and collects Keys for himself, giving random Chests in return.
Added in Afterbirth Rune Bag 5.100.389 Rune Bag 1 Spawns a familiar that drops a random rune every 5-6 rooms.
Added in Afterbirth † Dad's Ring 5.100.546 Dad's Ring 1 Creates a ring of light around Isaac that petrifies enemies in contact.
Added in Afterbirth † Eye of Greed 5.100.450 Eye of Greed 1 Every 20 tears, Isaac loses 1 coin and shoots an additional gold tear that petrifies enemies and turns them into gold. Any enemy killed while in this state will drop coins.
Added in Afterbirth † Greed's Gullet 5.100.501 Greed's Gullet 1 Grants a Red Heart container for every 25 coins Isaac has.
Added in Repentance Astral Projection 5.100.677 Astral Projection 1 Causes Isaac to turn into a ghost if he gets hit while in a room with enemies, giving him flight and spectral tears and blocking the next hit he takes.
Added in Repentance Binge Eater 5.100.664 Binge Eater 1 +1 red heart container and fully heals Isaac. Item pedestals cycle between their normal items and food, and collecting food grants a temporary damage boost and permanent bonuses to 2 stats.
Added in Repentance Chaos 5.100.402 Chaos 1 Drops 1-6 random pickups on the floor. Causes items to be chosen from random item pools.
Added in Repentance Cracked Orb 5.100.675 Cracked Orb 1 Unlocks doors and reveals a random room on the map when Isaac takes damage.
Added in Repentance Echo Chamber 5.100.700 Echo Chamber 1 When Isaac uses a card, pill, or rune, he also uses a copy of every card/pill/rune he used after picking up Echo Chamber.
Added in Repentance Epic Fetus 5.100.168 Epic Fetus 1 Isaac's tears are replaced with guided missiles, like those used by the 15►Doctor's Remote Doctor's Remote.
Added in Repentance Evil Charm 5.100.632 Evil Charm 1 Increases luck by 2.0.
Added in Repentance Glitched Crown 5.100.689 Glitched Crown 1 Before being picked up, item pedestals cycle between 5 random items.
Added in Repentance Inner Child 5.100.688 Inner Child 1 Upon death, Isaac respawns in the current room with half a heart left, a massive size down, and +0.2 speed.
Added in Repentance Isaac's Tomb 5.100.701 Isaac's Tomb 1 Spawns an Old Chest at the start of each floor.
Added in Repentance Keeper's Kin 5.100.717 Keeper's Kin 1 Rocks and props spawn spiders over time while in a room with enemies, and spawn two blue spiders when destroyed.
Added in Repentance Keeper's Sack 5.100.716 Keeper's Sack 1 Gives range, speed, or damage when buying things from a shop. Also spawns three coins and a key on pickup.
Added in Repentance Lost Soul 5.100.612 Lost Soul 1 Gives Isaac a soul familiar that dies in one hit, respawning at the start of the next floor. If it survives an entire floor, it rewards Isaac with hearts or items.
Added in Repentance Orphan Socks 5.100.571 Orphan Socks 1 Prevents creep and floor spikes from damaging Isaac. Also gives Isaac +0.3 speed and 2 soul hearts.
Added in Repentance Rock Bottom 5.100.562 Rock Bottom 1 Sets all stats to their base value. Prevents stats from being lowered for the rest of the run.
Added in Repentance Sack Head 5.100.424 Sack Head 1 Coins, bombs, keys, cards, runes and batteries have a chance to become sacks.
Added in Repentance Sack of Sacks 5.100.500 Sack of Sacks 1 Spawns a familiar that drops a sack every 5-6 rooms cleared.
Added in Repentance Sacred Orb 5.100.691 Sacred Orb 1 Prevents low-quality items from spawning, greatly increasing the quality of items received from all items pools.
Added in Repentance Sausage 5.100.669 Sausage 1 Adds a Red Heart container, and increases speed, damage, tears, range, shot speed, and luck.
Added in Repentance Spirit Shackles 5.100.674 Spirit Shackles 1 On death, Isaac's ghost is chained to his dead body and he can continue to fight with 1/2 of a heart, returning to life after 10 seconds. Must be recharged by picking up a soul heart.
Added in Repentance Strawman 5.100.667 Strawman 1 Spawns Keeper to fight enemies alongside Isaac. If Keeper dies, he spawns blue spiders and Strawman is removed from Isaac's inventory.
Added in Repentance TMTRAINER 5.100.721 TMTRAINER 1 Causes all future items to be "glitched", granting them completely random effects.
Added in Repentance Vanishing Twin 5.100.697 Vanishing Twin 1 Spawns a familiar that becomes a clone of the floor's boss when entering the boss room. Defeating it drops an extra item.

Added in RepentanceThe following items have special weights in this Item pool:

  • Sacred Orb and Vanishing Twin have a weight of 0.5 in the Secret Room Pool, making them 50% less likely to appear.

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