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Secret Room Door.png

Secret Rooms are rooms that are not normally visible on the map and must be bombed into to access. Regular Secret Rooms are usually located next to 2 to 4 rooms, while Super Secret Rooms can only be next to one room. Very rarely, the regular Secret Room may also be located next to only one room. Entrances to Secret Rooms will never have rocks or gaps in the way. Secret Rooms usually contain at least one shopkeeper. Secret Rooms stay open after bombing them.


The following room maps were made using Basement Renovator for cleaner viewing; note that all Urns you see will be Mushrooms when encountered in-game.


ID Weight Contents Image preview
0 1.0 One item. SecretRoom 0.png
1 1.0 Three coins. SecretRoom 1.png
2 1.0 Six coins. SecretRoom 2.png
3 1.0 Nine coins. SecretRoom 3.png
4 1.0 A slot machine. SecretRoom 4.png
5 1.0 Three random pickups and five mushrooms. SecretRoom 5.png
6 1.0 A chest and two TNT barrels. SecretRoom 6.png
7 1.0 Three pills and two mushrooms. SecretRoom 7.png
8 1.0 Three coins. SecretRoom 8.png
9 1.0 Three bomb pickups. SecretRoom 9.png
10 1.0 A lil' battery. SecretRoom 10.png
11 1.0 Two keys. SecretRoom 11.png
12 1.0 Two bomb pickups and four shopkeepers. SecretRoom 12.png
13 1.0 A key, a key master, and two mushrooms. Removed in Repentance This is the only regular secret room that doesn't have a shopkeeper. SecretRoom 13.png
14 1.0 A golden poop and three shopkeepers. SecretRoom 14.png
15 1.0 A Double bomb and twenty mushrooms. SecretRoom 15.png
16 1.0 A corny poop. SecretRoom 16.png
17 Added in Afterbirth 1.0 Two reward plates. SecretRoom 17.png
18 Added in Afterbirth 1.0 Four spiders and four random pickups. SecretRoom 18.png
19 Added in Afterbirth 1.0 An item behind gaps. The four rocks have equal, independent chances of being rocks, spikes, fireplaces, or iron blocks. SecretRoom 19.png
20 Added in Afterbirth 1.0 A reward plate. SecretRoom 20.png
21 Added in Afterbirth 1.0 Two rewards behind rocks and key blocks. The rewards have equal, independent chances of being a sack, item, chest, locked chest, or random pickup. SecretRoom 21.png
22 Added in Afterbirth 1.0 A nickel and three shopkeepers. SecretRoom 22.png
23 Added in Afterbirth † 1.0 A sack and a restock box. SecretRoom 23.png
24 Added in Afterbirth † 1.0 Ten mushrooms. SecretRoom 24.png
25 Added in Afterbirth † 1.0 Two sacks. SecretRoom 25.png
26 Added in Afterbirth † 1.0 Six mushrooms, two poops, and a troll bomb, which will blow up three of the mushrooms. SecretRoom 26.png
27 Added in Afterbirth † 1.0 Two reward plates. SecretRoom 27.png
28 Added in Afterbirth † 0.1 An item, two chests, a poop, and three black flies. SecretRoom 28.png
29 Added in Afterbirth † 0.1 An item behind iron blocks, four purple fireplaces, and five shopkeepers. SecretRoom 29.png
30 Added in Repentance 0.1 One Mega Battery. SecretRoom 30.png
31 Added in Repentance 0.25 3 shopkeepers and a Rainbow Poop. SecretRoom 31.png
32 Added in Repentance 1 5 coins, 2 poops and 1 shopkeeper. SecretRoom 32.png
33 Added in Repentance 0.5 2 shopkeepers and 1 card surrounded by 4 spiked rocks. SecretRoom 33.png
34 Added in Repentance 0.5 One item surrounded by spikes and spiked rocks and 1 shopkeeper. SecretRoom 34.png
35 Added in Repentance 1 3 coins, 1 random chest surrounded by spiked rocks and 1 treasure chest, also surrounded by spiked rocks. SecretRoom 35.png
36 Added in Repentance 1 2 shopkeepers and 1 random chest surrounded by rocks and spikes, along with a TNT that can open up a path. SecretRoom 36.png
37 Added in Repentance 0.5 One Rotten Beggar and 3 coins. SecretRoom 37.png
38 Added in Repentance 0.5 One Wooden Chest and one shopkeeper. SecretRoom 38.png

Starting from the second floor of Chapter 2 onward, Greed and Super Greed have a chance to replace Secret Rooms.

Added in Repentance Alternate Variations[]

Secret Rooms in alternate chapters (Downpour Downpour, Dross Dross, Mines Mines, Ashpit Ashpit, Mausoleum Mausoleum, Gehenna Gehenna and Corpse Corpse) differ from the standard layouts. Each alternate floor has 11 unique layouts (12 in Downpour Downpour). Regular secret room layouts cannot appear on these floors.

Super Secret Rooms[]

Secret Room Door.png

Super Secret Rooms are only located next to one other room, and this room can't be a special room (item, shop, boss, etc.). Each Super Secret Room has set drops depending on the floor. Note that the type of Super Secret Room is not limited to certain floors it mimics (e.g. one can find a Womb-themed Super Secret Room in the Depths).

Super Secret Rooms are most likely to be found either at the end of a series of rooms that lead to a dead-end, or close to the boss room, such as the room right before the boss, if possible.

Possible Spawns[]

ID Weight Floor layout Contents Image preview
0 1 Womb Womb 8 Red Hearts. Only red hearts can spawn in this room, regardless of any items. If you let 15►Dark Bum Dark Bum collect the hearts, he will drop red hearts instead of black/Removed in Repentancesoul hearts. Allow him to pick up the hearts and leave the room quickly, where he will drop the correct hearts outside. SuperSecretRoom 0.png
1 1 Cathedral Cathedral Eternal Heart. Only eternal hearts can spawn in this room, regardless of any items used. For example, using 15►The Jar The Jar will drop Eternal Hearts on the ground instead of regular hearts. Using VI - The Lovers VI - The Lovers or V - The Hierophant V - The Hierophant will do the same, too. SuperSecretRoom 1.png
2 1 Sheol Sheol Red Chest. SuperSecretRoom 2.png
3 1 Necropolis Necropolis Fortune Telling Machine. SuperSecretRoom 3.png
4 1 Cellar Cellar Random trinket. SuperSecretRoom 4.png
5 1 Basement Basement 5 pills. SuperSecretRoom 5.png
6 0.5 Added in Afterbirth Library Black Heart. Only black hearts can spawn in this room, regardless of items used. This applies to VI - The Lovers VI - The Lovers, V - The Hierophant V - The Hierophant, and similar items. SuperSecretRoom 6.png
7 0.1 Dark Room Dark Room Removed in Afterbirth Black Heart. SuperSecretRoom 7 Rebirth.png
Added in Afterbirth 4 Nulls and 5 pills or runes. SuperSecretRoom 7 Afterbirth.png
8 0.5 Burning Basement Burning Basement A Shopkeeper, 2 Bomb Chests, 3 TNT, and 18 Fire Places, including Red Fire Places.
Added in Repentance All Fire Places in the room will be extinguished if this room appears in Downpour Downpour or Dross Dross.
SuperSecretRoom 8.png
9 0.1 Flooded Caves Flooded Caves A black poop surrounded by 6 retracting spikes. SuperSecretRoom 9.png
10 0.5 Added in Afterbirth I AM ERROR Can include any of the following: Mom's Hand, Rag Man, random pickups, chests, cards, trinkets, pills, and items. SuperSecretRoom 10.png
11 1 Added in Afterbirth Womb Womb 4 red poops and 3 Double Hearts. SuperSecretRoom 11.png
12 0.1 Added in Afterbirth † Cathedral Cathedral 3 Soul Hearts, 2 Blue Fire Places, and an angel Statue in the center which will drop its key piece upon death. SuperSecretRoom 12.png
13 0.1 Sheol Sheol 3 Black Hearts and 2 Black Globin's Heads. SuperSecretRoom 13.png
14 1 Shop A Beggar and a Blood Donation Machine. SuperSecretRoom 14.png
15 0.1 Added in Afterbirth † Womb Womb A red poop, 3 Black Flies, and a random amount of Red Hearts and Half Red Hearts. It can also contain a random amount of any other heart types, except Double Hearts. SuperSecretRoom 15.png
16 0.1 Added in Afterbirth † Cathedral Cathedral A rainbow poop, 3 Black Flies, and 2 Eternal Hearts. SuperSecretRoom 16.png
17 0.1 Added in Afterbirth † Sheol Sheol A black poop, 3 Black Flies, and 6 Red Chests. SuperSecretRoom 17.png
18 0.1 Added in Afterbirth † Shop 3 Slot Machines and 2 Fortune Telling Machines. SuperSecretRoom 18.png
19 0.1 Added in Afterbirth † Basement Basement A red poop, 9 pills, and 3 Black Flies. SuperSecretRoom 19.png
20 0.5 Added in Repentance Library One Battery Bum and 3 coins. SuperSecretRoom 20.png
21 0.5 Added in Repentance Burning Basement Burning Basement One Bomb Bum and 4 bombs. SuperSecretRoom 21.png
22 0.25 Added in Repentance Basement Basement 4 Greed Gapers and 1 shopkeeper. SuperSecretRoom 22.png
23 0.5 Added in Repentance Corpse Corpse 3 Rotten Hearts. SuperSecretRoom 23.png
24 0.5 Added in Repentance Arcade 5 Micro Batteries. The middle one has a 50% chance to be a Lil' Battery. SuperSecretRoom 24.png
25 0.25 Added in Repentance Dank Depths Dank Depths 83% chance for a golden key and 17% chance for a golden bomb, surrounded by 4 skulls. SuperSecretRoom 25.png
26 0.01 Added in Repentance Ashpit Ashpit One giga bomb that explodes shortly after. SuperSecretRoom 26.png
27 1 Added in Repentance Corpse Corpse 1 Rotten Beggar and 1 Blood Donation Machine. SuperSecretRoom 27.png
28 0.5 Added in Repentance Mausoleum Mausoleum 2 Black Sacks. SuperSecretRoom 28.png
29 0.25 Added in Repentance Gehenna Gehenna One Golden Battery. SuperSecretRoom 29.png
30 0.25 Added in Repentance Chest Chest One Mega Chest and 2 keys. SuperSecretRoom 30.png
31 0.5 Added in Repentance Cellar Cellar 2 Wooden Chests. SuperSecretRoom 31.png
32 1 Added in Repentance Cathedral Cathedral One Confessional. SuperSecretRoom 32.png

Added in Afterbirth Greed Mode[]

In Greed Mode, Super Secret Rooms have different layouts.

ID Weight Floor layout Contents Image preview
0 1 Womb Womb 5 Red Hearts; only Red Hearts can spawn in this room, regardless of items used. SuperSecret Greed0.png
1 1 Arcade 5 Pennies. SuperSecret Greed1.png
2 1 Caves Caves 3 Keys. SuperSecret Greed2.png
3 1 Burning Basement Burning Basement 3 Bombs. SuperSecret Greed3.png
4 1 Cathedral Cathedral 2 Soul Hearts. Only Soul Hearts can spawn in this room. SuperSecret Greed4.png
5 1 Library A Black Heart. Only Black Hearts can spawn in this room. SuperSecret Greed5.png
6 1 Chest Chest A Chest; small chance to spawn another type of chest instead. SuperSecret Greed6.png
7 1 Chest Chest A Bomb Chest. SuperSecret Greed7.png
8 1 Sheol Sheol Removed in RepentanceOne Red Chest.
Added in RepentanceTwo Red Chests.
SuperSecret Greed8.png
9 1 Basement Basement 4 pills. SuperSecret Greed9.png
10 1 Library 2 cards. SuperSecret Greed10.png
11 1 Cellar Cellar 4 Lil' Batteries. Added in Repentance Each battery has a 50% chance to spawn as a Micro Battery instead. SuperSecret Greed11.png
12 1 Dark Room Dark Room 2 runes. SuperSecret Greed12.png
13 0.5 Sheol Sheol Removed in Repentance 2 Red Chests.
Added in Repentance 3 Red Chests.
SuperSecret Greed13.png
14 1 Cellar Cellar 2 trinkets. SuperSecret Greed14.png
15 0.5 Cellar Cellar A trinket. SuperSecret Greed15.png
16 1 Bedroom A bed. SuperSecret Greed16.png
17 1 I AM ERROR A trapdoor to the next floor. SuperSecret Greed17.png
18 0.5 Basement Basement 17 piles of poop. SuperSecret Greed18.png
19 0.25 The Shop The Shop A Golden Bomb. SuperSecret Greed19.png
20 0.5 The Shop The Shop A golden poop. SuperSecret Greed20.png
21 0.25 The Shop The Shop A Golden Key. SuperSecret Greed21.png
22 1 Secret Room A random item from the Greed mode Treasure Room pool. SuperSecret Greed22.png
23 1 Chest Chest 2 Locked Chests. SuperSecret Greed23.png
24 1 Cathedral Cathedral 1 Eternal Heart. Only Eternal Hearts can spawn in this room. SuperSecret Greed24.png
25 1 Womb Womb 1 Half Red Heart. Only Half Red Hearts can spawn in this room. SuperSecret Greed25.png
26 0.1 Added in Repentance Arcade 1 Golden Penny. SuperSecret Greed26.png

Added in Repentance Ultra Secret Rooms[]

Ultra Secret Rooms are special rooms that are not connected to any other room on the map directly. They are not revealed by standard mapping effects and can only be mapped with 15►Cracked Orb Cracked Orb, 15►Book of Secrets Book of Secrets wisps or Rune Shard Rune Shard. They can be accessed using the 15►Red Key Red Key or Red Key wisps, Crystal Key Crystal Key, Cracked Key Cracked Key or Soul of Cain Soul of Cain: entering a red room next to the Ultra Secret room will reveal its position and automatically open the doorway leading into it. It can also be entered by teleporting to it directly using XVIII - The Moon? XVIII - The Moon?; when teleported into, the pathway of red rooms back to the rest of the level is also opened. Ultra Secret rooms contain items from the Angel Room item pool.

Ultra Secret rooms are generated in spots that are diagonal to the rest of the level and not connected to the Boss Room.

It then checks the red rooms surrounding this diagonal location and checks regular rooms connected to these exits, this is to create a safe path when using XVIII - The Moon? XVIII - The Moon?

When the spot is chosen, a general sense of priority is as follows:

  • Being diagonal to special rooms increases priority.
  • Each side that does not lead to a valid red room lowers priority.
    • Exits that lead to an I AM ERROR room are not valid.
  • Any path back connecting to a Challenge Room, a Mini-Boss Room, a Curse Room or a hostile special room lowers priority.
    • If there's also only 1 path back, priority is further lowered.
  • Any path back that contains a special red room lowers priority.
  • If there's no valid path back that leads to a regular non-special room, it lowers priority.


  • Generally, the easiest method of finding the Ultra Secret room is to check diagonals of any special rooms.
  • The doors of the Ultra Secret room are opened automatically only when approached from the outside. If other rooms exist adjacent to it, the doors will not open from inside the Ultra Secret room without bombing them or returning from the outside.
  • In the Mirrored World, the Ultra Secret room does not contain any items.
  • It is possible for the Ultra Secret Room to generate in a way that traversing through two red rooms is required.[Check ingame]
  • Because only one valid path is checked for upon generation, yet the path opened when using XVIII - The Moon? XVIII - The Moon? is random, it is possible to get an unusual back-path that forces going through a Curse Room, bombing open a Secret Room or contains other problems ranging from inconveniences to a softlock.
    • This is likely a bug, as the generation itself tries to ensure a valid path without such obstacles. This is most likely to happen on small, oddly shaped floors where many red room door openings are blocked, which is its biggest modifier next to selecting special rooms.



  • Secret Rooms are found by bombing the middle of a wall in a standard size room. For larger size rooms, divide the room mentally into the size of individual rooms to figure out where to bomb. For closet-size rooms, Secret Rooms will never be found by bombing the sides but may be found by bombing the wall at the end of the closet.
  • Rooms adjacent to Secret Rooms will always have a clear, walkable path to the middle of the wall where one can set a bomb. Secret Room entrances are never found in front of gaps, obstacles, or spikes. All the rooms next to a Secret Room must satisfy these requirements, so if one room near a suspicious gap in the map fails these requirements, then look elsewhere.
  • If there are no valid Secret Room locations surrounded by 3 or 4 rooms, it is possible for a Secret Room to be adjacent to only 1 or 2 rooms.
A secret room adjacent to only one room

A secret room adjacent to only one room

  • 15►X-Ray Vision X-Ray Vision opens all available entrances to both the Secret Room and the Super Secret Room. The I Can See Forever pill does the same for the floor on which the pill was used. Added in Afterbirth †15►Dog Tooth Dog Tooth will play a howl sound effect if adjacent to a Secret Room or Super Secret Room, and Added in Afterbirth †15►YO LISTEN! YO LISTEN! will hover over Secret Room entrances.
  • Teleportation items can randomly teleport Isaac into Secret Rooms, and XVIII - The Moon XVIII - The Moon card will always teleport Isaac to the Secret Room.
  • Secret Rooms are revealed on the map with 15►Crystal Ball Crystal Ball, 15►Book of Secrets Book of Secrets, XXI - The World XXI - The World card, XIX - The Sun XIX - The Sun card, 15►Spelunker Hat Spelunker Hat, 15►Blue Map Blue Map, or 15►The Mind The Mind, but you'll still need to open their entrance.
  • Added in Repentance15►Red Key Red Key can be used to find Secret Rooms. Lack of red door frame means a Secret Room could have generated on the other side.
  • Added in Repentance15►Star of Bethlehem Star of Bethlehem sometimes reveals secret rooms as it can travel through them.
  • If Greed or Super Greed spawn into the Secret Room, you won't be able to exit it (like a Mini-Boss room), but once the fight ends, all the exits of the Secret Room will be accessible.
  • Secret Rooms can exist next to all types of rooms except Boss Rooms, allowing certain restricted rooms to be entered.
    • Even if you have no keys, it is possible to bomb into a locked special room should there exist an adjacent Secret Room. Leaving through the door will unlock the room without requiring a key.
    • It is possible to enter Curse Rooms without taking damage by bombing in from a Secret Room.
    • It is possible to access Challenge Rooms even if you don't meet the health requirements, but it is not possible to "steal" the items, as the hole will be blocked up as soon as the fighting stage begins. However, items can still be stolen by using Telepills or other teleportation items. The Challenge Room will not be accessible from the Secret Room if the Secret Room contained a fight with Super Greed. Boards will remain over the entrance to the challenge room even after the fight is over.
  • Added in Repentance Secret Rooms of all types do not exist in the Ascent.
  • Once Corrupted Data is achieved (beating Delirium as Tainted Eden Tainted Eden), items that spawn in this room have a chance to be randomized as if affected by 15►TMTRAINER TMTRAINER.
  • Super Secret Rooms replace the dead-end room that would require the 2nd most rooms walked through from the start room to access, and cannot be connected to the secret room.
    • For reference, the Boss Room takes the dead-end room that would require the most rooms walked through, and the Shop takes the room that would require the 3rd most. This means that the Super Secret Room is equally as far or further from the start room than the Shop. It also means the Super Secret Room tends to be close to the Boss Room. Loops and large rooms connected to more than one room on any given side can tamper with this logic, however.
  • Super Secret Rooms can have layouts from floors the player hasn't unlocked yet.


  • In the original The Binding of Isaac, Secret Rooms worked differently; if the player left a room after opening a Secret Room entrance, the entrance would disappear. To access the room again for any purpose, the player needed another bomb to reopen the entrance.


PC Normal mode only 927Q 481S (Secret Room above Treasure Room is not attached to any others)

PC Hard mode only 2CC7 S7YG (Secret room is attached to only one room; located on the eastern wall in the most eastern room starting from the spawn room)

PC Hard mode only 419H 1DQM (15►Red Key Red Key in Curse Room on your left, use it on the right of the Curse Room and the Ultra Secret Room will open up)


Bug Bug! After defeating an Angel spawned in a Super Secret Room, the music will not return to the floor's regular music.
Bug Bug! Teleporting to the Super Secret Room in Greed or Greedier Mode, when the room is generated behind a still-locked Treasure Room, will trap the player inside.
Bug Bug! Sometimes Ultra Secret Room is not adjacent to four valid red rooms. (Observed on the Ultra Secret Room on the first floor of seed "Hard mode only L7QW 811W")
Bug Bug! Teleporting to the Ultra Secret Room when the room is generated behind an unopened Secret Room or Super Secret Room may trap the player, depending on items carried. (Observed on the 2021-07-01 daily run, first floor.)