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Added in Afterbirth

Scatter Bombs is a passive item.


  • Gives Isaac +5 bombs.
  • Removed in Repentance Isaac's bombs split into 2-4 tiny bombs after exploding.
    • Added in Repentance Bombs split into 4-5 tiny bombs.
    • Tiny bombs deal half damage and have decreased blast radius.
    • Tiny bombs retain Isaac's bomb synergies (with the exception of Mr. Mega Mr. Mega Removed in Repentance and Bomber Boy Bomber Boy's increased blast radius).
    • Added in Repentance Tiny bombs explode immediately upon landing.


  • Added in RepentanceBlood Bombs Blood Bombs/Added in Repentance Bob's Rotten Head Bob's Rotten Head: Area-of-Effects have decreased size but deal the same damage.
  • Added in RepentanceBrimstone Bombs Brimstone Bombs/Sad Bombs Sad Bombs: Lasers/tears from extra explosions deal 65% of their normal damage.
  • Added in Repentance Butt Bombs Butt Bombs: Extra explosions deal 6.5 damage instead of 10.
  • Diplopia Diplopia: No effect.
  • Epic Fetus Epic Fetus: No effect.
  • Added in RepentanceGhost Bombs Ghost Bombs: Extra explosions create ghosts that instantly launch themselves at enemies and explode, similar to Added in RepentancePurgatory Purgatory. They each deal 2x Isaac's damage, up to 4 times.
  • Added in Repentance Hot Bombs Hot Bombs: Fires from extra explosions start with 1 less durability.
  • Added in RepentanceNancy Bombs Nancy Bombs: Extra bombs will have the same bomb modifiers as the original.
  • Added in RepentanceRocket in a Jar Rocket in a Jar: Missiles creates extra bombs as normal when they explode.
  • Blasting Cap Blasting Cap: Can cause more than one bomb pickup to spawn

In-game Footage[]


  • The description "We put bombs in your bombs!" is a reference to the Xzibit "Yo Dawg" Internet meme.


PC 633S XS2D (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)