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Scat   Man
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Challenge Number
Available Rooms
Item Pool Treasure Room.png: no          Item Pool Shop.png: yes
Boss Mom.png
Dirty Mind Dirty Mind
Added in Repentance

Scat Man is challenge #36. Isaac must use friendly Dips and 15►Butt Bombs Butt Bombs to defeat enemies. The goal is to defeat Mom. This challenge is unlocked by default.


  • The friendly Dips spawned by 15►Dirty Mind Dirty Mind will be Isaac's main method of attack. It's a good idea to destroy as much poop as possible to build up a swarm, though be mindful of the limit on the Dips' number. Once the old ones start popping, save the poop for later.
  • Due to the Oh Crap transformation and 15►E Coli E Coli, enemies can simply be walked into to convert them into poop, which is immediately destroyed to heal back the contact damage and generate more Dips. This strategy will result in half a heart of damage against champion enemies, however.
  • Obtaining the 15►Sharp Plug Sharp Plug allows Isaac to use 15►The Poop The Poop repeatedly to farm pickups and Dips at no cost.
  • The Dips can take damage and be killed by enemy attacks as well as environmental hazards. Isaac's own bombs will also damage them.
  • Rooms with spiked rocks are very dangerous, as the Dips make no effort to avoid them. Finish and leave these rooms as quickly as possible.
  • As 15►BFFS! BFFS! is a starting item, picking up familiars is a good way to increase damage output.
  • Pills are potentially risky as a Bombs are Key pill may leave Isaac without sufficient bombs for emergencies.
  • Like with many challenges, buying either the 15►The Candle The Candle or 15►Red Candle Red Candle in the shop will make the run much easier, especially since the starting 15►9 Volt 9 Volt reduces its charge time.


  • As of version 4.0.1, Reap Creep cannot appear as a boss during this challenge.

Unlockable achievements[]


  • The challenge's name is likely a reference to the song artist, Scatman John. It's also a play on how scat is also another word for poop.

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