Scapular is a passive item.


  • Once per room, when Isaac is reduced to his last half heart (either red, soul, or black), the aura around his head temporarily vanishes and he is granted one Soul Heart.
    • After re-entering a room, the ability can be triggered again.
    • With Bone Hearts, the effect triggers on both half-filled and empty ones.



  • Trinket Cursed Skull icon.png Cursed Skull: Provided Scapular can always trigger, grants effective immortality, as the soul heart is always given before the teleport takes place.
    • + Collectible The Wafer icon.png The Wafer: Grants true immortality, plus one hit on the soul heart, allowing the player to get hit once before teleporting.


The Scapular allows practically free use of damage-triggered effects, as long as care is taken to keep track of the item's state and remaining health, and possibly being forced to proceed with minimal health after reaching the desired goal is acceptable. The room can be left to reactivate the item at latest when only half a red heart and half a soul heart remain; usually, this necessitates performing the actions in rooms without enemies. Examples include:

In-game Footage


PC EASX 92JD (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

PC B7W3 3HQ9 (First floor Treasure Room)

PC 4G3S SVNB (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn (if The Halo has not been unlocked))

PC NormalIndicator.png 4ENG XYYW (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn; includes Gimpy, Dead Cat, and The Wafer)

PC GSSV HL2M (First floor Treasure Room)

PC JW0T PBNC (First floor Treasure Room)

PS4 SCHS XTT4 (Second floor Treasure Room)

3DS S6EY 7YZT (First floor Treasure Room (west); Curse of the Labyrinth)

3DS QAEQ VRDP (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

Switch FPC7 G387 (First floor Treasure Room)

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