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Samson's Chains is an unlockable passive item.


  • Attaches a ball and chain to Isaac's ankle that blocks projectiles and deals 5 damage per tick (~10.7 damage per second).
  • If the ball is moving fast enough, it will destroy any Obstacles it comes into contact with (aside from Iron Blocks).


  • The item doesn't change the Speed Attribute. Instead, whenever the chain is fully extended the ball will have to be dragged, which causes Isaac to slow down slightly.
  • Cannot be used to open Secret Room Secret Rooms or Super Secret Room Super Secret Rooms.


  • Flight: Any method of flight makes it easier and quicker to use Samson's Chains to smash rocks, making for an efficient way to search for Crawl Space Crawl Spaces.

In-game Footage[]


  • This item references the biblical story of Samson, who was chained upon losing his strength.
  • This item is also likely a reference to the Spelunky ball and chain, which also slows the user, destroys blocks, and can be used against enemies.


PC 03BK NG0Q (First treasure room to the right)

PC ZFFX 69MQ (First treasure room to the right)

PS4 GRK0 B9NW (Treasure room adjacent to starting room)

Switch MW2N WAJC (First floor treasure room)