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Questionmarkisaac.png For the other Angel item with a similar name, see Immaculate Heart. For another Angel item that rerolls lower quality items with a similar name, see Sacred Orb.

Sacred Heart is a passive item.



  • Removed in Repentance Sacred Heart is a special item.
  • Sacred Heart has the highest damage multiplier of all passive items.
  • The flat damage gained by Sacred Heart is not affected by its damage multiplier. However, other flat damage upgrades (such as those gained by Curved Horn Curved Horn or Added in Afterbirth †Void Void) will be affected normally.
  • Removed in Repentance Although Sacred Heart increases range, the reduction of shot speed results in a slight decrease in effective range, not accounting for homing.


  • Sacred Heart Sacred Heart: Picking up multiple copies of the item will only result in acquiring additional heart containers, while decreasing fire rate and shot speed.
  • Tainted Bethany Tainted Bethany: On pickup, grants 12 blood charges.

In-game Footage[]


  • The Sacred Heart (also known as the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus) is a devotion practiced in Catholicism, which represents "the heart of Jesus Christ God, pierced on the cross", and God's "boundless and passionate love for mankind".


PC K4X2 K1K0 (4th floor Angel Room Angel Room)

PC Added in Afterbirth / Removed in Repentance Normal and hard modes only KM30 AQGX (1st floor Angel Room Angel Room via Sacrifice Room Sacrifice Room adjacent to spawn)

PC Added in Afterbirth MJ0A X38C (4th floor Angel Room Angel Room)

PC Added in Afterbirth 6FR2 46G3 (4th floor Angel Room Angel Room)

PC Added in Repentance Hard mode only SNDL JW2L (Starting item on Eden Eden)