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Disambig.png This article is about the pickup. For the enemy, see Sack (Enemy).

Added in Afterbirth Grab Bag[]

Grab Bag.png

The Grab Bag will spawn 1-4 random pickups upon touching it. They will not drop any hearts, pills, or chests, and they have an increased chance to drop Lil' Battery Lil' Batteries. Sack Head Sack Head has a 33% chance to replace pickups with sacks. Added in Repentance Shops have a chance to sell sacks for seven coins.

Random sacks have a 99.0% chance to be a grab bag.

Added in Repentance Black Sack[]

Black Sack.png

A Black Sack will spawn 2-3 pills, Black Heart Black Hearts or Bone Heart Bone Hearts, and/or Bomb Bombs when collected. Only one heart can spawn from one sack, but there may be two pills or bombs.

Random sacks have a 1% chance to be a black sack.


  • Added in Repentance Bone hearts can spawn from Black Sacks even if they haven't been unlocked yet.
  • The probabilities above refer to the kind of sack that is generated by the game when a sack is spawned with a sub-type of 0 (i.e. a random sack).