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Rosary is a passive item.

Effects[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • If The Bible has been picked up before collecting the Rosary, it will not be re-added to item pools.
  • The Bible can be encountered multiple times even in the same pool if it is not picked up; however, once picked up, it cannot appear again anywhere.
  • This item stacks with Rosary BeadRosary Bead, further increasing the chance to find The Bible in the LibraryLibrary and ShopShop.
  • (in Rebirth) The approximate chances of finding Collectible The Bible iconThe Bible in each item pool are:
    • Treasure Room: 2.26%
    • Shop: 12.82%
    • Boss: 11.36%
    • Devil Room: 12.82%
    • Angel Room: 20.83%
    • Secret Room: 20.83%
    • Library: 45.45%
    • Golden Chest: 55.56%
    • Red Chest: 71.43%
    • Beggar: 27.78%
    • Devil Beggar: 45.45%
    • Curse Room: 38.46%
    • Key Master: 71.43%
      • The probabilities after Rebirth are unknown, though the chances are pretty similar to the ones shown above. This is because the smaller the item pool, the more likely the Bible is to appear, and this effect is far more pronounced than the Bible simply being added to each pool. So, for example, the Bible is much more likely to appear from a Red Chest compared to the Treasure Room.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • (except in Repentance) Prior to Repentance, Rosary's description was simply "Faith up".