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Each floor of the game is made up of a number of Rooms. The number of Rooms on each floor generally increases as the game progresses.

Normal Rooms

Normal Rooms make up the majority of the Rooms on a floor. These Rooms typically contain enemies and may drop a pickup or chest after all enemies are killed. Many Rooms also contain various pickups, chests, items, and obstacles.

Isaac cannot leave a Room with enemies until they are all killed or until a door is opened with an explosion. If Isaac is currently holding an active item, completing a Room with enemies will add one charge.

Rooms can come in various sizes; while normal-sized Rooms are the most common, double and quadruple-sized Rooms can also appear.

Added in Afterbirth L-shaped triple-sized Rooms, narrow hallways, and tiny Rooms can also appear. Additionally, completing a quadruple-sized Room or an L-shaped Room will add two charges to Isaac's active item.

  • The last wave of Boss Rush adds only one charge.

Sometime rooms can be "flooded" with water, blood, or lava depending on the Chapter. Flooded rooms allow for unique interactions with some Items such as Added in Afterbirth †Jacob's Ladder Jacob's Ladder and enemies.

Normal rooms have occurrence weight assigned to them. Some rooms occur very rarely. Usually those rooms contain numerous or rare pickups or chests. Sometimes even items.

Special Rooms

Boss Rooms


Boss Rooms contain one of the many Bosses, with victory granting Isaac an item from the Boss pool, hearts (depending on difficulty), and a trap door leading to the next level.

Mini-Boss Room

Mini-Boss Rooms are identical in appearance to normal Rooms and contain one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

  • Mini-Boss Rooms are iron barred shut upon entering unable to be escaped and opened, even by explosions, until the Mini-Boss is defeated
  • Mini-Boss Rooms have a map icon but don't have a special door.

Treasure Rooms

Normal/Golden Treasure Rooms


A Treasure Room, or Item Room, is guaranteed to appear on all floors From Basement Basement 1 to Depths Depths 2. From Basement 2 and on, this Room requires a key to enter. The Room contains one item from the Treasure Room item pool. Various obstacles may be present, and occasionally Added in Afterbirth Fly Flies or Added in Afterbirth † / Removed in Repentance Greed Gaper Greed Gapers/Added in Repentance Bulb Bulbs will be present. This Room has a small chance to contain two items from the treasure pool that can both be collected, and a very small chance of containing no item pedestal at all, instead containing one poop pile, 3 Attack Fly Attack Flies, and various pickups, including one trinket.

Added in RepentanceOn Downpour Downpour / Dross Dross, Mines Mines / Ashpit Ashpit and Mausoleum Mausoleum / Gehenna Gehenna, Treasure Rooms will always contain at least two items, with one of them being hidden, similar to Curse of the Blind.png Curse of the Blind.

Added in Afterbirth Golden Treasure Rooms always require one key to open in Greed Mode.

  • Added in Afterbirth † Golden Treasure Rooms appear in Greedier mode as well, acting the same way and requiring a key to open.

Added in Afterbirth † Golden Treasure Rooms can generate in the Womb Womb/Utero Utero if the Added in Afterbirth †Bloody Crown Bloody Crown trinket is equipped when the floor is generated.

Added in Repentance Golden Treasure Rooms can generate in Sheol Sheol with the Added in RepentanceWicked Crown Wicked Crown trinket equipped, and can generate in the Cathedral Cathedral with the Added in RepentanceHoly Crown Holy Crown trinket equipped.

Added in Afterbirth Silver Treasure Rooms

Silver Treasure Room opened.png

Silver Treasure Rooms are Rooms found in Greed Mode. They always contain one item from the Greed "Boss" Item Pool, and require no keys to open, being open from the start of the floor.

Added in Afterbirth † Appears in Greedier Mode as well, acting exactly the same way

Added in Repentance Red Treasure Rooms

Devil Treasure Room door locked.png
Devil Treasure Room door.png

When carrying the Added in RepentanceDevil's Crown Devil's Crown trinket, any newly found or not walked into Treasure Room becomes a Red Treasure Room, which contain items from the Devil Room pool for the price of heart containers. The prices are the same as normally required in regular Devil Deals.

Added in Repentance Planetariums

Planetarium door locked.png
Planetarium door.png

Planetariums are similar to Treasure Rooms, but only contain one powerful celestial item belonging to the Planetarium (Item Pool), items exclusive to Planetarium Rooms. Planetariums have an additive and higher chance of spawning if the player avoids walking into Treasure Rooms.


Added in RepentanceShop door locked.png
Added in RepentanceShop door.png

Removed in RepentanceLocked Door.png

Shops require a key to open. They sell various items in exchange for coins. Shops start at level 0 and only sell 2 items, but Shops at higher levels sell more items. They can be upgraded through the Donation Machine.png Donation Machine, which can be commonly found in the Shops and sometimes in an Arcade. Shops also have a chance of being replaced by a miniboss Room containing Greed Greed or Super Greed Super Greed.

Added in Afterbirth † Shops can generate in the Womb Womb/Utero Utero if the Added in Afterbirth †Silver Dollar Silver Dollar trinket is equipped when the floor is generated.

Added in Repentance The Shop spawned on the first floor is free to enter.

Added in Repentance Shops can generate in Sheol Sheol with the Added in RepentanceWicked Crown Wicked Crown trinket equipped, and can generate in the Cathedral Cathedral with the Added in RepentanceHoly Crown Holy Crown trinket equipped.

Added in Repentance Has a new Door, no longer sharing a Door with Libraries.


Arcade Door.png

These Rooms are locked and require one coin to be opened. Arcades can only spawn on even floors (Basement II, Caves II, Depths II, Womb II, etc) or XL floors if the previous floor was completed with 5 or more coins. Arcades can contain machines, beggars, and other objects.

Added in Repentance Due to how alternate chapters work, Arcades will spawn on the first floor of these chapters (Downpour I, Mines I, Mausoleum I, Corpse I).

Challenge Rooms

Normal Challenge Room

Challenge Room.png

Challenge Rooms can only be entered if Isaac's total health (red, black, and soul hearts) is equal to or greater than his number of heart containers. Upon picking up its contents, Isaac has to fight three waves of enemies.

Boss Challenge Room

Boss Challenge Room Door.png

Boss Challenge Rooms will only generate if Isaac has full health upon entering the floor. They also can only be entered if Isaac has one or less red heart. Its contents are similar to the Normal Challenge Room, but upon picking up its contents, Isaac has to fight two waves of Bosses instead of normal monsters.

Added in Repentance Boss Challenge Rooms now can only be entered normally if Isaac's total health (red, black, and soul hearts) is equal to or less than 1 full heart, but now always contain an item from the Boss Item Pool.

Curse Rooms

Curse Room Door.png

Curse Rooms are special rooms with spikes on the door that hurt Isaac when entering and exiting the Room. Curse Rooms can contain various things, ranging from enemies, red chests, to even pedestal items. Curse Rooms only hurt Isaac on the way out if he has flight.

Sacrifice Rooms

Added in RepentanceSacrifice Room door.png

Sacrifice Rooms are special rooms that have a chance to spawn a Chest Chest or other preset rewards after Isaac damages himself on the spikes featured at the center of the Room. Sacrifice Rooms have a higher chance to spawn if Isaac has more health to sacrifice.

Added in Afterbirth Sacrifice Rooms now can pay with a much wider variety of rewards.

Added in Repentance Has a new bloody door, replacing its old, generic one.

Secret Rooms

Secret Room Door.png

Secret Rooms must be bombed into, and are usually surrounded by 3 or 4 Rooms. Secret Rooms usually contain Shopkeeper Shopkeepers and various pickups.

Super Secret Rooms

Secret Room Door.png

Super Secret Rooms must be bombed into, and are only located next to one other non-special Room. They tend to spawn closer to the Boss Room. Super Secret Rooms can contain a variety of pickups.

Added in Repentance Ultra Secret Rooms

Secret Room Door.png

Ultra Secret Rooms are very secret rooms, found when venturing one Red Room outside the normal map using the Red Key Red Key, Crystal Key Crystal Key, Cracked Key Cracked Key, or the Soul of Cain Soul of Cain, or by teleporting to it with XVIII - The Moon? XVIII - The Moon?, or by teleporting to it using Telepills while in the mirrored version of Downpour/Dross II. These map-expanding items allow you to create Red Rooms, and if correctly found, one of those new Red Rooms will have a Secret Room passageway to the Ultra Secret Room already opened. The Ultra Secret Room itself contains Key Keys, key blocks, and/or Shopkeeper Shopkeepers, and one item from the Ultra Secret Room item pool for its pedestal rewards.


Added in RepentanceLibrary door locked.png
Added in RepentanceLibrary door.png

Removed in RepentanceLocked Door.png

Libraries require a key to be entered and can contain books, cards, runes, and trinkets.

Added in Repentance Has a new Door, no longer sharing a door with Shops.

Devil Rooms

Devil Room.png

These Rooms allow the player to make deals with the Devil by trading health for items. Devil Rooms can also contain Red Chest Red Chests, Black Heart Black Hearts, spikes, or monsters along with its signature devil statue.

Devil Rooms have a chance to contain Krampus Krampus rather than any items, if Krampus is unlocked.

Angel Rooms

Angel Room.png

Angel Rooms contain an angel statue and an item, Soul Heart Soul Hearts, or Eternal Heart Eternal Hearts. The Angel Room has a chance to replace the Devil Room if certain conditions are met.

Added in Repentance Can now have a Confessional.png Confessional in them.


Added in RepentanceVault door locked.png
Added in RepentanceVault door.png

Removed in RepentanceDouble Locked Room.png

Vaults require two keys to open and can contain various things, ranging from items to Donation Machine.png Donation Machines.

  • Added in Repentance Has a new Door, no longer sharing a Door with Dice Rooms.

Dice Rooms

Added in RepentanceDice Room door locked.png
Added in RepentanceDice Room door.png

Removed in RepentanceDouble Locked Room.png

Dice Rooms require two keys to open. Depending on the number of pips imprinted on the face of the large red die embedded in the floor, stepping onto the center of the die activates an effect.

  • Dice Rooms, when spawning, replace a sacrifice room that also could have spawned on the floor. They have a higher chance of spawning over a sacrifice room spawn if you have 2 keys.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Dice Rooms now have a small image in the corner of the large red die that also tells the effect of stepping on it.
  • Added in Repentance Has a new Door, no longer sharing a Door with Vaults.


Double Boarded Room.png

Bedrooms require two bombs to open. Bedrooms contain a bed that can be used once to restore all of the player's health, or if they have no red hearts, they give you 3 soul hearts Removed in Afterbirthand add one charge to their active item.

Depending on if the Bedroom is Clean or Dirty (the main difference being the state of the bed and wall color), bombing the center of the carpet will reveal a crawl space (Clean) or a trapdoor (Dirty) leading to the next floor.

Crawl Spaces

Secret Trap Door.png

These Rooms are entered through Trapdoors with ladders in them. They can rarely be found under destroyed rocks. They can also be found using We Need to Go Deeper! We Need to Go Deeper!, Rune of Ehwaz Rune of Ehwaz, or under a Clean Bedroom's rug. These Rooms are viewed from the side, rather than the top like the rest of the Rooms in the game. Crawl Spaces usually contain an item or various pickups. Rarely, the Crawl Space will lead to a Black Market.

Black Markets

Black markets are accessed through Rare Crawl Spaces. These Rooms are 2 Rooms wide and have 5 shop items that can all be bought for 1 heart container, like devil deals. Black Markets also have a trapdoor to the next floor and various machines or beggars.

Added in Repentance Angel Room Shops

Angel Room Shops are special holy shops, accessed if Isaac has The Stairway The Stairway. The Stairway will spawn a ladder in the starting room of each floor that leads to each floor's Angel Room shop, a Shop that sells Angel deal items, has angel-related pickups, sometimes includes a coin beggar or a Confessional.png Confessional, and always includes an angel statue.

Added in Repentance Secret Shops

Secret Shop Trapdoor.png

Secret shops are accessed by buying a Member Card Member Card, opening up a 'special' Shop Trapdoor that leads to the floor's underground shop. Secret shops have a wider variety of items and pickups, sold at various expensive prices.

Added in Repentance Red Rooms

Red Room Door outline.png
Red Room Door opened.png

Red Rooms are special rooms created when using the Red Key Red Key (and Red Key wisps spawned with Added in RepentanceBook of Virtues Book of Virtues), Crystal Key Crystal Key, Cracked Key Cracked Key, or the Soul of Cain Soul of Cain. The Red Key Rooms don't open without these items, and are spawned into existence at the closest red outline door when the item is used. The new Red Room can be a normal Room on this floor, or any special Room, aside from extra Ultra Secret Rooms and Boss Rooms. Red Rooms can't spawn where there aren't 4 connections out of the Room, not spawning if a touching room contains a bottomless pit on one wall, already is a secret room, or is a thin closet/hallway room. While inside a Red Room, the music of the floor will be slightly distorted.

Red rooms can only be spawned in an 13x13 radius from the the center room of the map, or six rooms from the center room in any direction; any farther will lead to entering an I AM ERROR Room.


I AM ERROR Rooms have a small chance of being reached upon teleporting. Every I AM ERROR Room contains a trapdoor to the next floor along with various pickups or items. The only way out of an I AM ERROR Room is through this trapdoor or by teleporting out.

Using Teleport 2.0 Teleport 2.0 when all other rooms have been explored guarantees to be teleported in an I AM ERROR room. Finding a way to infinitely teleport (e.g having Broken Remote Broken Remote and an item that doesn't require to be charged) is another way to get there.

(The I AM ERROR Rooms is a running gag within games that is a reference to the "I AM ERROR" easter egg in The Legend of Zelda (1987)

Boss Rush

Boss Rush Door.png

If the player manages to beat Mom Mom in under 20 minutes from the start of the run (visually indicated by the clock icon that appears during the cutscene between floors), a crack will open in the wall of the Boss Room upon defeating her, allowing entry to a large Room with 2 or 4 item pedestals in the center or the corners, often blocked by rocks or spikes. Taking one of the presented items will destroy the others and begin the Boss Rush.

  • Added in Afterbirth †Mama Mega! Mama Mega! can be used to open the Boss Rush entrance in the Mom Boss Room even after the 20 minute deadline, allowing access to the Boss Rush Room.
  • Added in Afterbirth †The Broken Shovel Handle opens the Boss Rush Room, even after the 20 minute deadline. The Trapdoor to the next Floor is also closed until Boss Rush is completed.
  • Added in RepentanceMausoleum Mom also spawns the Boss Rush Room if defeated fast enough, having a bigger deadline of 25 minutes.

Mega Satan Arena

Mega Satan Door.png

This long Room is only found in the starting Room of Chest Chest and Dark Room Dark Room. Opening this door requires Dad's Key Dad's Key or the two key pieces from Angels. Once the Room is entered, Isaac will have to face off against Mega Satan Mega Satan.

Added in Afterbirth ??? Entrance

Blue Womb Door.png

If the player manages to beat Mom's Heart Mom's Heart or It Lives It Lives in under 30 minutes (visually indicated by the clock icon that appears during the cutscene between floors), a crack will open in the wall of the Boss Room upon defeating it, containing a room with a Trapdoor to ??? ???.

Added in Repentance Mother Arena

Mother Trapdoor.png

Mother's arena is accessible by a large pit in the ground in the Boss Room of Corpse Corpse II. Dropping down into the pit lead's to Mother's unique transforming boss room.

Added in Afterbirth Greed Exit Rooms

Greed Exit Door opened.png

Exit Rooms are Rooms with the defining feature of having a Trapdoor/exit to the next Floor.

Greed Exit Rooms start metal barred and unbombable, like miniboss rooms, but will be unbarred and accessible once ten waves of enemies are defeated.

  • Greed Exit Rooms have a special door, having a special black exit doorway in the main greed room, but having a normal floor colored doorframe when in the room itself.

Exit Rooms may contain pickups, chests, and enemies.

Added in Afterbirth † Greedier Exit Rooms

Greedier Exit Rooms are almost exactly the same as the Greed Mode Exit Room, except they take 11 rounds to open.

Added in Repentance Alternate Path Exit Rooms

Downpour entrance door.png
Downpour entrance door locked.png
Mines entrance door.png
Mines entrance door locked 2.png
Mines entrance door locked 1.png
Mausoleum entrance door.png
Mausoleum entrance door locked.png

When unlocked, these Rooms appear attached to a Main Path Boss Room once the Boss is defeated (or appear at the end of Alternate Path Chapter). These Rooms contain an entrance to the Alternate Path Floors. These Rooms have different requirements to unlock them, based on the Chapter they are barring entrance to:

  1. In floors 1-2, the door requires a key to unlock a chapter 1.5 floor.
  2. In floors 3-4, the door requires two bombs to bomb open a chapter 2.5 floor.
  3. In floors 5-6, the door requires sacrificing two hearts to enter a chapter 3.5 floor (except on Depths II and its variants, where this door doesn't appear).

Added in Repentance A Strange Door Exit Room

A Strange Door locked.png

When unlocked, this room appears above the starting room of the second floor of Chapter 3, containing a trapdoor leading to a special version of the second floor of Chapter 3.5. This door can only be opened by obtaining and sacrificing either The Polaroid The Polaroid, The Negative The Negative, or Added in AfterbirthFaded Polaroid Faded Polaroid.

Added in Afterbirth Closets

Closets are rare, small, dead end Rooms. They will often contain a unique arrangement of items, objects, or pickups.

  • Closets don't have a special Door, but do have a very minutely changed Map Icon, having thicker borders then normal Rooms.

Added in Afterbirth † Grave Rooms

Grave Rooms are Rooms that appear in the Dark Room Dark Room which only contain 1-3 Dirt Patches. The Forgotten The Forgotten is unlocked by reaching this room and digging with Added in Afterbirth †Mom's Shovel Mom's Shovel.


Added in Repentance Mirror Room

Mirror Door.png

The Mirror Room is a single special room found on the second floor of Chapter 1.5, containing a single mirror on either the left or right doorway location. This mirror can be broken by explosions, but also can be entered to explore the Mirrored World, a replica of the current floor, to find Added in RepentanceKnife Piece 1 Knife Piece 1. The mirror can only be entered by The Lost The Lost, Tainted Lost Tainted Lost, Tainted Forgotten Tainted Forgotten, and Tainted Jacob Tainted Jacob's ghost form. All other characters must touch the white fire which always generates on the second floor of Chapter 1.5 in order to temporarily become The Lost if they want to enter the mirror.

Added in Repentance Mineshaft Room

Mineshaft Door locked.png
Mineshaft Door opened.png
Mineshaft Door blocked.png

The Mineshaft Room is a single special room found on the second floor of Chapter 2.5 only if Isaac already has Added in RepentanceKnife Piece 1 Knife Piece 1. It contains a Yellow Button, a single minecart, a blocked door at the top of the room and occasionally some enemies.

There are 2 other Yellow Buttons located randomly on the same floor and pressing all 3 repairs the minecart's track allowing access through the blocked door. Alternatively having Flight and 2 bombs also allows access through the door. The area past the blocked door contains Added in RepentanceKnife Piece 2 Knife Piece 2 and a chase sequence with Added in Repentance Mother's Shadow Mother's Shadow. The door is permanently blocked after leaving the sub-area.


  • In regular Rooms with unreachable enemies, the doors will automatically open after a while to prevent Isaac from becoming unable to progress. See here for the specific details.
    • This will not occur if Isaac has flight or if there is a boss or miniboss in the Room.
    • This will not occur in Rooms with Silver Button Silver Buttons that do not have enemies or only have indestructible enemies such as Wall Hugger Wall Huggers or Stone Grimace Stone Grimaces.