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  • Blocks movement and projectiles unless the player has flight or spectral tears respectively.
  • Can be destroyed with explosions and certain items like the Notched Axe Notched Axe, The Nail The Nail, Leo Leo, or Thunder Thighs Thunder Thighs.
  • Can fill in a 1-block wide gap when pushed in the right direction by an explosion, or with one of the abilities that allows destruction by walking onto the rock.
    • Note: With these items, it is important to walk in the direction of the gap.
  • Small chance to reveal a Crawl Space Crawl Space when destroyed.
  • Destroying 100 rocks will unlock the Lucky Rock Lucky Rock trinket.

Tinted Rocks[]

Tinted Rocks Repentance.png

Sometimes referred to as "Marked Rocks", they are always marked with an "x", and in some levels slightly tinted/discolored. These rocks are much less noticeable in Womb Womb, Utero Utero and Scarred Womb Scarred Womb due to them being the same color as the surrounding rocks, but can still be distinguished by the "x" on the bottom right. Only one tinted rock can spawn per room.

Found in: Every Stage

Tinted Rocks have a chance to spawn 1-3 of the following when destroyed:

Super Special Rocks Added in Afterbirth †[]

Repentance super special rocks.png

Super Special Rocks are Tinted Rock variants whose smaller marks and lack of discoloration make them much harder to spot. Super Special Rocks take two bombs to blow up and drop the contents of two Tinted Rocks, with the exception that a single chest or The Small Rock The Small Rock appear without extra rewards.

  • Added in Repentance The first super special rock encountered will always spawn The Small Rock The Small Rock, if it hasn't already been generated.

Only one super special rock can spawn per room, and normal tinted rocks cannot appear in the same room.

In Chapter 4 and Chapter 4.5 Super Special Rocks are almost identical to Tinted Rocks, making them easier to spot in these chapters.

Super Special Rocks are unlocked by .Added in Afterbirth †5 Nights at Mom's Get a 5-win streak (Added in Repentance 3-win streak), using a different character each time

3 win streak only counts on hard. You still need a 5 win streak on normal.

Added in RepentanceNote: Using normal Characters to get a win and then using its tainted counterpart won't work, only one of them will work for obtaining the achievement.

Added in RepentanceNote: The achievement does not unlock in Co-op Repentance even if the three wins were done with different characters for each player.

Regardless of DLC version, an unlocking streak must be done with unique characters. That means each successful run must be performed with a new character for it to qualify.

Bomb Rocks[]

Bomb Rock.png

Act like rocks.

Found in: Small chance of replacing any rock on any chapter.

Bomb rocks can be found anywhere a normal rock can spawn. They can only be destroyed by explosions and "stompy" items, like normal rocks. When they are destroyed, they create an explosion. Note that destroying a bomb rock next to a hole does not create a bridge as with normal rocks.

Spiked Rocks Added in Repentance[]

Spiked Rock.png

Spiked Rocks are variants of normal rocks which hurt Isaac on contact, even if he's flying. They can fill in a 1-block wide gap like ordinary rocks, but the spikes will remain and Isaac will take damage as he steps on them. If they are located in a room with Silver Button Silver Button, after all are pressed, the spikes will retract into the interiors of the rock. If a Crawl space is generated with the same rock used to fill a gap, the bridge will not be spiked.

Added in RepentanceFlat File Flat File will remove the spikes from the rocks.

If spiked rocks are crushed by being Stompy, having Leo Leo or Thunder Thighs Thunder Thighs, or using The Nail The Nail, they do not always deal damage, depending on Isaac's speed, size and the angle touched from.

Found in:

Fool's Gold Rocks Added in Repentance[]

Fool's Gold Rocks 2.png

Act like rocks. They have a small chance of replacing normal rocks, sometimes in small clusters, once unlocked.

Fool's Gold Rocks have a chance to spawn the following when destroyed:



Act like rocks.

Found in:

Urns have a chance to spawn the following when destroyed:


  • If spiders spawn from destroying an urn after clearing a room, they will disappear if Isaac leaves and re-enters the room.



Found in:

Mushrooms have a chance to spawn the following when destroyed:



Act like rocks.

Found in:

Skulls have a chance to spawn the following when destroyed:


Marked Skulls Added in Repentance[]

Tinted Skull.png

  • If Added in RepentanceA Strange Door A Strange Door is unlocked, a skull marked with a small "x" will appear in Depths Depths II or XL. When destroyed, it will drop 0 - The Fool 0 - The Fool.
  • The Marked Skull has a different appearance when spawned on other floors, e.g. manually via the console or during the DELETE THIS challenge.
    • For example, it will appear as a white urn in Basement Basement, as a red mushroom in Caves Caves or a horizontally flipped polyp in Womb Womb.
    • It will spawn as a regular bucket in Dross Dross with no visual difference.



Act like rocks.

Found in:

Polyps have a chance to spawn the following when destroyed:

Buckets Added in Repentance[]


Act like rocks.

Found in:

Buckets have a chance to spawn the following when destroyed:

Buckets in Dross additionally have a chance to spawn the following when destroyed:


  • A Bucket that has water in it and is blown up/thrown by a Polty Polty will cause a geyser of water that can hurt Isaac.
  • If a bucket would normally spawn striders, but is in a dry room, normal Spiders will spawn instead.

Unlockable Achievements[]

  • 5 Nights at Mom's
    Added in Afterbirth † 5 Nights at Mom's - Get a 5-win streak (Added in Repentance 3-win streak), using a different character each time.