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Added in Repentance

Rock Spiders are small spider-legged stones and they were added to The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. They behave very closely to Spiders, but they are the Mines Mines variant and skitter at a slower speed due to the rock on them.

Upon death, it turns into a normal Spider.


Tinted Rock Spider[]

Added in Repentance

Tinted Rock Spiders are essentially the exact same as Rock Spiders, however they have nearly twice as much health and drop 1 Soul Heart upon death. They are characterized by the "X" on their rock, which is similar to Tinted Rocks.

They do not spawn naturally; there is a chance that 1-2 will spawn upon destruction of a Tinted Rock.

Coal Spider[]

Added in Repentance

Coal Spiders behave very closely to Rock Spiders, but they skitter at a faster speed due to being on fire.

Upon death, it leaves a hot rock on the ground that despawns after several seconds.

Rock Spiders coming into contact with Fire Places or fire spawned by items, such as 15►Red Candle Red Candle or 15►Bird's Eye Bird's Eye, causes them to turn into Coal Spiders.

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