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Added in Afterbirth

Restock is a passive item added in Afterbirth. All characters start with Restock in Greed mode.


  • Upon purchasing an item from the shop, a new purchasable item is added to the store's inventory.
  • Removed in Repentance Drops 3 random pickups around Isaac.
  • Added in Repentance Outside of Greed Mode, the restocked item's cost is increased after each purchase.
    • For items, the price increase is 2 coins times the number of purchases. For example, an item starting at 15 cents would next be +2 to 17, then +4 to 21, +6 to 27, etc. The cost follows the formula 15+n(n+1) with n being the number of times restock has triggered.
    • For everything else, the price increase is 1 coin times the number of purchases. For example, a heart starting at 3 cents would be +1 to 4, +2 to 6, +3 to 9 etc. This follows the formula (original price)+(n(n+1))/2
    • The increase is not affected by discounts occurring naturally or through 15►Steam Sale Steam Sale: costs will increase at the same rate, though the base price is still discounted. Once the item's cost goes over what it would naturally be, the price is no longer highlighted red.
    • The maximum price is 99 cents.
  • A small restock icon appears under the map, just like 15►Treasure Map Treasure Map, 15►Blue Map Blue Map, 15►The Compass The Compass Added in Repentance and any active curses.


  • Removed in Repentance If used with 15►IV Bag IV Bag/Blood Donation Machine and an item which can spawn additional coins (Counterfeit Penny Counterfeit Penny, Swallowed Penny Swallowed Penny, 15►Humbling Bundle Humbling Bundle, etc.), infinite money can be produced by buying hearts for 3 coins and getting more than 3 coins back after donating health.
  • Using a Credit Card Credit Card in a Shop prevents Restock from working for that shop only.
    • A Restock Box will refresh the items, which Restock will interact with normally.
  • When purchasing Restock from a Shop, the slot that Restock was purchased from will not be restocked.
  • Restock does not affect Black Markets or purchasable items generated via Added in Repentance15►A Pound of Flesh A Pound of Flesh or Added in Repentance15►The Stairway The Stairway.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Purchasing an item that is on sale will replace it with another that is on sale.


  • Removed in Repentance 15►Steam Sale Steam Sale x2: Items can be infinitely bought from shops.
  • 15►Chaos Chaos: Restock is affected by Chaos, and can be used to obtain otherwise rare items.
    • Removed in Repentance Chaos + 15►Steam Sale Steam Sale x2: Items can be bought infinitely, allowing Isaac to theoretically obtain every item in the game.
  • Added in Repentance15►Keeper's Box Keeper's Box: Items spawned by the box are affected by Restock. Curiously, Restock's price increase on buying an item does not trigger making it easier to buy more items.
  • Added in Repentance15►Member Card Member Card: Items bought in the seperate shop will also be restocked.

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