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Red   Key
Item icon
Item altar
"Explore the other side"
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Item ID
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Recharge Time
4 rooms 4 rooms
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Collection Grid
(page 5, column 16, row 5)
Unlock Method
Red Key Open the large version of Mom's Box in Home
Added in Repentance

Red Key is an activated item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Allows Isaac to create new rooms by using the key next to a wall where there would be no conditions that could prevent a (secret) room from spawning there. This indicated by walls that have red door outlines on them.
  • These rooms are most commonly normal rooms, but have a chance to be various special rooms instead, even including red Devil Rooms or red Angel Rooms.
    • All red special rooms can appear in every floor.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If a door created by Red Key takes Isaac outside of the 13x13 area of the floor, he will be taken to the I AM ERROR room.
    • Isaac cannot exit this room, forcing him to use the trapdoor unless he has a teleport.
    • This method does not work in The Chest The Chest, Dark Room Dark Room or The Void The Void. No door outlines will appear at any boundary walls.
    • The I AM ERROR room can only be entered from another red room. Normal rooms will not show the red outline if they are at the map's boundary.
    • The I AM ERROR room will not show up on the map when created.
  • All rooms made by Red Key will be 1x1 rooms that can have doors available on all sides.
  • Red rooms enable Isaac to enter several special rooms on the normal map without any resources or special conditions. These include the Secret and Super Secret room, both types of Challenge Rooms, Vaults, and Bedrooms.
  • Red Key cannot overwrite Secret Rooms or Super Secret Rooms. This can be used to discern the location of secret rooms by finding valid walls that don't have red door outlines.
  • Red Key cannot create a room adjacent to the Boss Room in most floors, with some exceptions:
    • Red Key can create a room adjacent to Hush's room in the top right where the room that leads to The Void The Void usually generates. The door to this looks like a crack.
      • This red room can only be created when Isaac is in another red room adjacent to it, i.e. from branching off one of the Treasure Rooms and going around Hush's room. Isaac cannot create it inside the boss room, even after Hush is defeated.
      • Isaac can enter Hush's room from this crack, but going the other direction will lead him to the Entrance Portal room.
      • Isaac cannot create any red rooms from inside the Entrance Portal room.
    • Red Key can create rooms adjacent to boss rooms in The Void The Void, including Delirium's room, but not from inside the boss rooms. He can use this to find Delirium's room by creating rooms until he gets two adjacent rooms with boss doors on the same wall.
  • Red Key can be found in Greed Mode through Key Masters or Red Chests. However, the key doesn't function in Greed Mode and can't create Red Rooms.
  • In Downpour Downpour II or Dross Dross II, if Isaac enters a red room after touching the white fire and becoming The Lost, he will still be The Lost in every red room, but will change back to the original character when entering a normal room.
  • Isaac is allowed to create red rooms in the mirror world of Downpour Downpour II or Dross Dross II. They will be reflections of the original floor's red rooms, and special rooms created in this way will still be empty.
  • Red rooms cannot be created around the Knife Piece 2 area of Mines Mines II or Ashpit Ashpit II.
  • In Home Home, Isaac can create a room on the left side of the map right under Mom's room. This room contains the Tainted characters.
  • Occasionally, upon entering a room created by the Red Key, the player may encounter the Ultra Secret Room, which has the Home Home floor layout and usually contains an Angel Room item.
    • The Ultra Secret Room will never be more than one red room away from the map. Most of the time, it will be adjacent to 2 red rooms which themselves are adjacent to the normal map.
    • When Isaac enters any red room adjacent to the Ultra Secret Room, it immediately appears on the map along with the Secret Room sound, and its door will automatically open.
  • If Isaac encounters a red Special Room, all of its doors will be its special theme doors.
    • A red Curse Room's doors still feature spikes, which will damage Isaac if he decides to enter.
    • A red Vault's doors each require two keys to open. The door where Isaac uses Red Key will be automatically unlocked, but the other doors remain locked until Isaac goes through them from inside or unlocks them from outside.
  • If Isaac has a teleport to a special room (The Stars, The Hermit, 15►Teleport 2.0 Teleport 2.0, etc.) and has created a special room such that there are multiple of a certain type on one floor, the teleport will choose randomly between each room.
    • However, if Isaac has found a red Planetarium, The Stars always teleports Isaac to it over the Treasure Room.
  • It is possible to obtain Knife Pieces outside of the intended methods by spawning Treasure Rooms that contain them.

Seeds[edit | edit source]

PCHard mode only CL9P JM0R (Eden Starting Item)

PCHard mode only B0H6 M13C (Curse Room next to spawn)

In-game Footage[edit | edit source]

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