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Added in Repentance

Reap Creep is a boss added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance that can appear in the Depths Depths and the Dank Depths Dank Depths, as well as in the Mines Mines in the alternate path.


Phase 1[]

Upon spawning, Reap Creep jumps up to the top of the Boss Room similarly to The Haunt The Haunt. It starts off taking Wall Creep Wall Creep's form and can perform the following attacks:

  • Spawns a Wall Creep on either the left, right or bottom wall.
  • Spews out a continuous stream of projectiles vertically while attempting to follow Isaac's movements.
    • When reaching near the end of either wall, it leaves a gap between the stream and the wall.

Phase 2[]

After losing 33% health, Reap Creep takes Blind Creep Blind Creep's form and has new attacks:

  • Spews a huge number of disorganized projectiles, similar to Monstro Monstro, but larger.
  • Spews out a wide spread of spaced projectiles.
  • Spawns 3-4 Spider Spiders or a Trite Trite downwards.

Phase 3[]

After losing 66% health, Reap Creep takes Rage Creep Rage Creep's form and has new attacks:

  • Slams itself against either the left or right wall, causing rock projectiles and 3-4 Spiders to fall from the ceiling.
  • Charges for a moderate period of time before shooting a wide Brimstone Brimstone laser while attempting to follow Isaac's movements.
    • When reaching near the end of either wall, it leaves a gap between the laser and the wall.
  • Charges for a long period of time before shooting 4 regular Brimstone lasers diagonally outwards while attempting to follow Isaac's movements. The beams slowly come together leaving a small gap within the center.
    • The two Brimstone attacks have distinct charge sounds, allowing the player to distinguish them.



  • Reap Creep's arena always has a hollow upper layer, preventing Isaac from getting too close with it. This makes the situation tricky if Isaac somehow has to deal damage with melee or grounded attacks.
    • Due to this, as of version 4.0.1, Reap Creep cannot appear in the Scat Man challenge.


  • Reap Creep originates from a Reddit post by NotYourSaggitarius in 2015, as a boss mockup. The boss was later incorporated into the Antibirth mod.
  • Originally in Antibirth, killing it, Baby Plum Baby Plum and The Pile The Pile were necessary to unlock Antibirth's alternate chapters.
  • Reap Creep is one of two bosses that can appear in both the main path and the alternate path, the other being The Pile.
    • Because of this, its battle theme will be different, depending on where it's fought. If it's fought in The Depths or the Dank Depths, either Crusade or Cerebrum Dispersio will play, while if it's fought in the Mines, Juggernaut will play.
  • It is the boss version of Wall Creeps, Blind Creeps and Rage Creeps.


Bug Bug! If Tainted Forgotten Tainted Forgotten's body is thrown next to the boss during Phase 3, it will continuously charge in place against the body, making for an easy kill.