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Rainbow Baby is a passive item.


  • Spawns a familiar that follows Isaac around and fires tears with random effects similar to other familiars.
  • The shot types and their damage are:
    • Short-range blood tear for 3 damage.
    • Plain red tear for 3.5 damage.
    • V-pattern double shot for 3.5 damage each.
    • Charming purple tear for 3.5 damage.
    • Slowing black tear for 3.5 damage.
    • Spectral tear for 3.5 damage.
    • Long-range homing violet tear for 3.5 damage.
    • Long-range spectral and homing tear for 3.5 damage.
    • Blood tear for 4 damage.
    • Large blood tear for 5 damage.


  • The type of tear is randomized with each familiar shot.
  • Added in Repentance This item belongs to the Conjoined set. Collecting three items from this set will transform Isaac into a three-faced version of himself.

In-game Footage[]



PC 138Q QN30 (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

PC Q0AL BV91 (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

PS4 JJA0 JQC0 (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)


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