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Added in Repentance

Purgatory is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Spawns a red crack in the ground somewhere in the room while Isaac is in a room with enemies. Walking over the crack summons a ghost that homes in on the nearest enemy, exploding when it hits it. After the ghost is summoned, cracks will keep showing up in the room until it is cleared.
    • The ghost spends one second spawning in before it attacks.
    • The ghost deals twice Isaac's damage per tick, up to 4 times.


  • Only one crack is active at a time.
  • The explosion does not hurt Isaac.
  • If a crack is stepped on and the room is cleared before the ghost spawns, it will fly to a random location and explode there.
  • While the explosion can damage Dark Esau, ghosts will never target him.
  • The explosions from the ghosts will destroy enemy tears.
  • Cracks don't spawn in Challenge Rooms.


  • 15►BFFS! BFFS!: No change in the ghosts' size or damage.
  • 15►Dark Arts Dark Arts: Walking over cracks will not summon ghosts while under the effect of Dark Arts.
  • 15►Spindown Dice Spindown Dice: When used on Purgatory, turns the item into 15►Dogma Dogma, a unique item usually only able to be obtained by killing the boss Dogma.

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Bug Bug! If Tainted Lazarus Tainted Lazarus switches characters between a ghost being summoned and it exploding, when it explodes the game will crash. This also applies to 15►Esau Jr. Esau Jr.

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