Portable Slot is an activated item.


  • Upon use, consumes 1 penny and has a chance to drop a random pickup, like a Slot Machine.
    • Unlike a Slot Machine, the default reaction to using a bad Pill will occur if the Portable Slot grants nothing.


  • Unlike normal Slot Machines, the Portable Slot can't explode, nor can it drop Collectible A Dollar icon.png A Dollar, although it can still grant Pretty Flies.


Roll Reward
Fly Nothing
Bomb Collectible Mr. Boom icon.png Mr. Boom Wisp
Coin Coin Wisp (x2 if 2 coins dropped)
Heart Collectible Yum Heart icon.png Yum Heart Wisp
Key Collectible Dad's Key icon.png Dad's Key Wisp
Pill Collectible Mom's Bottle of Pills icon.png Mom's Bottle of Pills Wisp
Pretty Fly Collectible Guppy's Head icon.png Guppy's Head Wisps (x2-4)


In-game Footage


  • In the original The Binding of Isaac, Portable Slot could be used to spawn an enemy Fly after defeating the boss in a Boss Room, which would enable Isaac to leave the room and come back, facing another boss battle and obtaining another item.
    • Also, hearts spawned from Portable Slot were affected by what room it was used in, such as Eternal Hearts spawning when used in Cathedral.
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