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Portable Slot is an activated item.


  • Upon use, consumes 1 Penny Penny and has a chance to drop a random pickup, like a Slot Machine.png Slot Machine.
    • Unlike a Slot Machine.png Slot Machine, the default reaction to using a bad Pill will occur if the Portable Slot grants nothing.


  • Unlike normal Slot Machines, the Portable Slot can't explode, nor can it drop A Dollar A Dollar, although it can still grant Pretty Flies.



In-game Footage[]


  • In the original The Binding of Isaac, Portable Slot could be used to spawn an enemy Fly after defeating the boss in a Boss Room Boss Room, which would enable Isaac to leave the room and come back, facing another boss battle and obtaining another item.
    • Also, hearts spawned from Portable Slot were affected by what room it was used in, such as Eternal Heart Eternal Hearts spawning when used in Cathedral Cathedral.