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  • Can be destroyed by tears or explosions.
  • Has a small chance to drop coins, hearts or Petrified Poop Petrified Poop when destroyed (without Petrified Poop Petrified Poop).
  • Can fill in a gap when pushed in the right direction by an explosion, or by walking into them with Leo Leo/Thunder Thighs Thunder Thighs to create bridges.
  • If a Fly Fly stays around Poop for long enough, it will morph into a Pooter Pooter.
  • Destroying 100 poops unlocks the Butter Bean Butter Bean.

Corny Poop[]

Corny Poop.png

  • Has a small chance to drop coins or hearts when destroyed.
  • Has an Eternal Fly Eternal Fly orbiting it that will become an Attack Fly Attack Fly upon destruction of the poop. If Isaac leaves the room without destroying the poop, the orbit of the Eternal Fly will be smaller when he returns.
  • Added in Repentance Corny poops thrown by Tainted ??? Tainted ??? or IBS IBS spawn up to 3 Blue Flies.

Red Poop[]

Red Poop.png

  • Deals a half-heart of damage when touched.
    • Leo Leo/Thunder Thighs Thunder Thighs allows Isaac to walk over and destroy red poop without taking damage. Isaac will still take damage if he is standing on it when it reforms.
  • Deals 16 damage to enemies.
  • Drops nothing when destroyed.
  • Reforms in 3 seconds after being destroyed.
  • Normally produced by Carrion Queen Carrion Queen and red champion Dingle Dingle, but can also be found in specific room configurations in various rooms.
    • Added in Afterbirth In the Scarred Womb Scarred Womb, rocks in any room have a chance to be replaced by red poop.
    • Carrion Queen and red champion Dingle can produce a Red Poop on the Boss Item tile. When the item spawns, the Red Poop will be camouflaged behind the item.
  • Added in Afterbirth In some rooms that need to be cleared by pressing silver buttons, red poop will turn into regular poop once all the buttons are pressed.

Golden Poop[]

Golden Poop.png

  • Harder to destroy than the normal poop.
  • Drops 5-9 coins or the Counterfeit Penny Counterfeit Penny trinket when destroyed.
  • If a Fly Fly comes in contact with a Golden Poop, it will turn into a Pooter Pooter.
  • Added in Afterbirth / Removed in Repentance When fighting Ultra Greed Ultra Greed, all poop spawned in the boss room will turn into Golden Poop.
    • Added in Repentance The spawned golden Poop will appear to be Golden Poop, but not have any of the money giving effects.

Rainbow Poop[]

Rainbow Poop.png

  • Causes a rainbow to appear on the screen when destroyed; pauses the game for a second while playing a jingle.
  • Restores all of Isaac's heart containers.
  • Rainbow Poop provides no benefit for characters without red heart containers such as ??? ???.
  • Can cause a neutral fly to turn into a turret fly if it touches the Rainbow Poop.
  • Every player/character will be healed, no matter who or what destroys it.

Added in Afterbirth Black Poop[]

Black Poop.png

  • Added in Afterbirth † / Removed in Repentance Darkens the current room as if Curse of Darkness was active for a few seconds when destroyed.
  • Deals 10 damage and applies the 'Confusion' status effect to all enemies in the room when destroyed.
  • Does not spawn any pickups when destroyed even with Petrified Poop Petrified Poop.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Has a small chance of spawning a Black Heart Black Heart upon being destroyed if Isaac holds Meconium Meconium.

Added in Afterbirth † White Poop[]

White Poop.png

  • Also known as Holy Poop.
  • Will be spawned if Isaac is injured while using Hallowed Ground Hallowed Ground.
  • White poop is surrounded by an aura. While standing within the aura, tear delay is halved, it has a high chance to block damage like the Cone Head Cone Head item, Added in Repentance damage is increased by 25%, and tears become homing.
  • The aura disappears if the poop is destroyed.
  • Has a small chance to drop coins or hearts when destroyed.
  • Added in Repentance Harder to destroy than normal poop, though not as durable as golden poop.

Added in Repentance Giant Poop[]

Giant Poop.png

  • Occurs only in 4 rare room layouts in Dross Dross.
  • Requires a large amount of tears to destroy.
  • Drops different pickups when hit.
  • Using an Infested! pill on it will spawn 4 blue spiders (8 with a Horse Pill) and decrease the poop's stage by 1.
  • Unlike with other poops, breaking this poop variant whilst having the Oh Crap Oh Crap transformation won't restore any health.

Added in Repentance Charming Poop[]

Charming Poop.png

Unlockable Achievements[]