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Added in Repentance

Plum Flute is an unlockable activated item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • On use, summons Baby Plum Baby Plum to fight for Isaac in the current room for ~10 seconds.
    • Baby Plum will always twirl, jump, then spit blood and bounce around the room before waving goodbye and flying away.
    • Baby Plum does 12 contact damage per tick (24 per second), 3.5 damage per shot, and 2 damage per tick with creep (20 per second).
  • This item belongs to the Beelzebub set. Collecting three items from this set will transform Isaac into a giant humanoid fly.


  • If Isaac goes enough time (about half a minute) without hurting Baby Plum Baby Plum during a boss fight, she will fly away and leave behind a Plum Flute on the Boss Room pedestal.


  • Angelic Prism Angelic Prism: Baby Plum Baby Plum's shots that pass through the Prism will be split into four.
  • Book of Virtues Book of Virtues: Spawns a wisp on the middle ring, resembling Baby Plum. When the Baby Plum Baby Plum spawned from using Plum Flute bounces diagonally around the room, all the wisps will bounce around the room and fire tears behind themselves as well. The wisps are invulnerable while bouncing around the room.
  • Car Battery Car Battery: Summons two Baby Plums, the Baby Plums start out overlapped but can sometimes split up when using different attacks.
  • Lost Cork Lost Cork: Affects Baby Plum's blood puddle.
  • Sacrificial Altar Sacrificial Altar: Baby Plum can be sacrificed for free, instead of a familiar. Plum Flute can still be used as normal afterwards.


  • Baby-Bender Baby-Bender: No effect.
  • BFFS! BFFS!: Doubles Baby Plum Baby Plum's contact damage, but not projectile damage.
  • Eraser Eraser: Plum Flute will still function normally if the boss Baby Plum is erased.

In-game Footage[]


  • Plum Flute resembles the Poké Flute, an item that appears in various Pokémon games and is used to wake sleeping Pokémon.


PC QZZL APP1 (Baby Plum will spawn on this floor)


Bug Bug! If Baby Plum is spawned in a crawl space or the beast fight, she will not properly bounce off walls.
Bug Bug! If Baby Plum is charmed by The Siren, her animation will freeze, she will stop firing bullets, only able to deal contact damage to Isaac.