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Added in Repentance

Playdough Cookie is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Every tear has a different color and different corresponding effect. These following effects can be granted:
    • Light Brown: None
    • Green: Poison
    • Yellow: Fear
    • Blue: chance for Proptosis Proptosis tears
      • Unlike Proptosis, it starts at x1 damage rather than x3, effectively making it a damage down.
    • Light Blue: Slow, and Freeze on kill
    • Pink: Charm
    • Red: double damage, Fire Mind Fire Mind, or Petrify (cannot proc at the same time)
    • Purple: Homing
    • Dark Orange: Mark


  • The color of the tears from Playdough Cookie are not based on luck, but their individual effects are. (e.g. Red Fire Mind Fire Mind tears will always explode at 13 Luck.)


  • Aquarius Aquarius: Each individual puddle will grant a different effect, and will copy the corresponding color.
  • Brimstone Brimstone (including Azazel Azazel's and Tainted Azazel Tainted Azazel's) / Trisagion Trisagion / Technology 2 Technology 2: Beam(s) apply a different effect every tick, and have an RGB filter. This can be used to rapidly apply different effects.
    • All of Trisagion Trisagion's lasers will share the same color at any given moment, regardless of when they were fired.
  • Dr. Fetus Dr. Fetus / Epic Fetus Epic Fetus: Explosions still use the effects the tears give them, while also inheriting their synergies with the items they're based on and (for Dr. Fetus Dr. Fetus) visually resembling them. (e.g. Dark Red becomes Hot Bombs Hot Bombs, Green becomes Bob's Curse Bob's Curse.)
    • They don't gain damage from Red, or lose damage from Blue, however.
  • Spirit Sword Spirit Sword: Every swing gains a different color and effect based on that color. This can be used to rapidly apply different effects.



  • The pickup quote of this item is possibly a reference to the Skittles' slogan, "Taste the Rainbow".
    • With the RGB filter given to lasers, this is only made more likely.
  • This item is named Playdoh Cookie in Antibirth; this potentially was changed due to copyright issues.
  • This item originated in the Community Remix mod for the original Binding of Isaac.
  • Many of the tears' effects are correspondent to tear effects of a similar color. The only exception is Blue, which has no correlation to Proptosis Proptosis.
    • Green resembles Scorpio Scorpio's pastel green very closely. Other poison items also exist, but this is the only one that is saturated.
      • Its independence from the Luck stat also helps support this.
    • Yellow resembles Mom's Perfume Mom's Perfume's pale yellow very closely. Other fear items also exist, but this is the only one that is yellow.
    • Light Blue resembles Uranus Uranus' icy blue fairly closely.
    • Pink resembles Mom's Eyeshadow Mom's Eyeshadow's pink very closely.
    • Red resembles the colors of Eye of Belial Eye of Belial's sprite, potentially referencing its double damage. It also resembles Mom's Contacts Mom's Contacts's reddish pink tears fairly closely.
      • It doesn't resemble Fire Mind Fire Mind as closely, but Red is commonly associated with fire.
      • Double damage tears and Eye of Belial Eye of Belial stack despite this similarity.
    • Purple resembles Spoon Bender Spoon Bender's purple very closely.
    • Dark Orange resembles Rotten Tomato Rotten Tomato's pale red fairly closely.


PC Normal mode only 9GXE N81A (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)