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Added in Repentance

Planetariums are special rooms added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance containing astronomical items.

Passive Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name ID Icon Weight Description
Jupiter 5.100.594 Jupiter 1 +2 red Heart containers, -0.3 speed. Isaac builds speed while standing still, and releases poison gas clouds when he moves with increased speed.
Luna 5.100.589 Luna 1 Adds an extra Secret Room and Super Secret Room to each floor. Secret Rooms contain a beam of light that increases tears for the current floor and give soul hearts.
Mars 5.100.593 Mars 1 Dash by double-tapping the movement key, becoming invulnerable and damaging enemies. There's a short cooldown before Isaac can dash again.
Mercurius 5.100.590 Mercurius 1 +0.4 speed. Doors stay open after entering a room, even in rooms with enemies.
Neptunus 5.100.597 Neptunus 1 While not firing, Isaac builds a massive tears bonus over 3 seconds. The tear bonus falls off rapidly as Isaac fires.
Pluto 5.100.598 Pluto 1 Significantly shrinks Isaac, allowing him to squeeze between objects and makes some enemy shots pass over him. Also gives +0.7 tears.
Saturnus 5.100.595 Saturnus 1 Upon entering a room, a circle of tears orbits Isaac. Enemy tears have a chance to be caught in orbit, turning them friendly.
Sol 5.100.588 Sol 1 Reveals the location of the Boss room. Upon defeating a boss, activates XIX - The Sun, fully recharges Isaac's active item, and grants bonus damage and luck for the rest of the floor.
Terra 5.100.592 Terra 1 Replaces tears with rocks that deal variable damage, have increased knockback, and can destroy obstacles.
Uranus 5.100.596 Uranus 1 Isaac shoots ice tears, which slow enemies and freeze monsters they kill. Frozen enemies slide away and explode into ice shards when touched.
Venus 5.100.591 Venus 1 Adds one red Heart container. Enemies near Isaac become charmed.

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