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Added in Afterbirth

Pitfalls are invulnerable and stationary enemies which Isaac can walk over. When Isaac walks over a pitfall, he falls in, takes damage, and pops back out after a short delay. Pitfalls disappear after falling into them.


  • Pitfalls are spawned by several of Little Horn's attacks.
  • Flight makes Isaac immune to pitfalls.


Teleport Pitfall[]

Added in Afterbirth

Teleport Pitfalls act as regular pitfalls, but pop Isaac out at a random location after damaging him. Little Horn spawns these and pushes them outward in some of his attacks.

Suction Pitfall[]

Added in Afterbirth

Suction Pitfalls act as regular pitfalls, but suck Isaac in like a Gaping Maw. They are typically found in rooms with silver buttons, which when pressed will make any suction pitfalls in the room disappear.


Bug Bug! Falling into a Pitfall while a Added in Afterbirth †15►Black Hole Black Hole is active will result in Isaac becoming headless, immobile and invulnerable, softlocking the run until it is quit and resumed.

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