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Paper Clip is a trinket. Added in AfterbirthCain Cain starts with this trinket after donating 68 coins to the Greed Donation Machine.



  • In addition to regular trinket drop sources, Paper Clip can be obtained as a possible reward from Key Masters.

In-game Footage[]


  • The pickup quote of this item is a reference to an infamous line from the first Resident Evil game.
  • As of Repentance, Paper Clip is the only beggar payout that is not an item. While Rotten Beggars and Battery Bums can also pay with trinkets, they do so as random drops, rather than payout.


PC 7CL4 WKLX (Reward for clearing room south of spawn)

PS4 LCW3 B330 (Reward for clearing room adjacent to start)

Vita HSMY J8SP (Treasure room adjacent to start)

3DS 7G06 2W4X (Caves II, reward for clearing the tall room on the south)