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PRIDE DAY! is challenge #28. Start off with Rainbow WormRainbow Worm, the Collectible 3 Dollar Bill icon3 Dollar Bill, and Collectible Rainbow Baby iconRainbow Baby. The goal is to defeat Boss Mom's Heart ingameMom's Heart or Boss It Lives ingameIt Lives. The Rainbow Worm cannot be dropped in this challenge.

Difficulty[ | ]

This is a rather casual challenge run. Many of the potential effects of the Rainbow Tears end up being beneficial overall. However, certain tears could temporarily be detrimental, such as Collectible Fire Mind iconFire Mind tears causing self-damage or Collectible Proptosis iconProptosis greatly decreasing range. It is necessary to adapt to the tear trajectories given by Rainbow Worm during the run.

Although you cannot drop the Rainbow Worm, you can still acquire other trinkets through use of a Gulp! pill or any items that allow you to hold two trinkets.

Reward[ | ]

  • D8
    D8 - Complete PRIDE DAY! (challenge #28).

Trivia[ | ]

  • The name of the challenge "Pride Day" and the rainbow-themed items of the challenge is a reference to the LGBTQIA+ Pride community and their signature rainbow flag.