Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

The Options are a page from which the player can adjust different settings. They can be accessed from the main menu and the pause menu.

In-game options[ | ]

Option name Description Notes
Controls Allows mapping each of the in-game actions to a controller button or keyboard key. Not available in the Options page accessed via the pause menu.
Change controller Allows the player to change which controller to use. Not available in the Options page accessed via the main menu.
SFX Changes the volume of sound effects, such as tear splatters, voice lines, bomb explosions, destruction of obstacles, etc.
Music Changes the volume of the music. Also affects jingles, such as the one that plays when a secret room entrance is opened.
Map opacity Adjusts the transparency of the expanded map when in a game.
Fullscreen Toggles between fullscreen and windowed modes. Can be toggled at any point by pressing the F key.
Filter Toggles the smoothing filter on or off. When enabled, all pixels on screen will be interpolated, resulting in a smoother but blurrier image.
Gamma Changes the brightness of the game.
Pop-ups Enables or disables pop-up messages and animations, like the ones that appear after unlocking a secret, using a book item, earning a heart container from an Eternal HeartEternal Heart, etc.
Language Sets the language to English, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Korean, or Chinese. Not available in the Options page accessed via the pause menu.
Active Cam Enables or disables the dynamic camera that moves in the direction Isaac is shooting in large rooms.
(except in Rebirth) Extra HUD Toggles displaying collected items on the right side of the screen. Can be set to OFF, NORMAL or MINI. NORMAL mode displays up to 10 recent items while MINI can display up to 24. Setting the Extra HUD to NORMAL will always display the time and score in the top center of the screen.
HUD Offset Adjusts how far from the screen edges the UI is displayed.
(in Afterbirth † and Repentance) Found HUD Toggles displaying Isaac's stats on the left side of the screen.
(in Afterbirth † and Repentance) Charge Bars Toggles displaying visual indicators for chargeable items and attacks, such as Collectible Brimstone iconBrimstone or Collectible Lil Gurdy iconLil Gurdy.
(in Repentance) Bullet Visibility Toggles highlighting enemy bullets to be able to quickly tell them apart from Isaac's tears. Highlighted bullets have a white pulsating glow.

Options.ini[ | ]

The options.ini file, located at C:\Users\ (User Name) \Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Repentance, can be used to change several settings that are not available from the in-game menu. To avoid redundancy, only settings that are not available in the game options are listed in this table.

Option name Description Values Notes
Exposure Changes the exposure (brightness) of the game.
ControllerHotplug Unknown
TryImportSave Unknown
EnableMods Enables or disables mods. 0: Mods disabled
1: Mods enabled
Can be toggled from the "Mods" tab. Having this option enabled will prevent the player from participating in Daily Challenges and unlocking secrets on a new save file.
RumbleEnabled Toggles vibration for supported controllers. 0: Rumble disabled
1:Rumble enabled
TouchMode Unknown
AimLock Unknown
EnableDebugConsole Toggles the ability to use the Debug Console. 0: Console disabled
1: Console enabled
Having this option enabled will prevent the player from participating in Daily Challenges and unlocking secrets on a new save file.
MaxScale Allows the player to toggle whether the game obeys the game's pixel grid during scaling. Also affects the mini version of the extra HUD's item list.

1: Disables sub-pixels, causing scaled down sprites to get pixelated.
2: Allows the game to use sub-pixels, making scaling down of sprites to look smoother.

MaxRenderScale Unknown
VSync Enables or disables VSync.
PauseOnFocusLost Toggles whether the game will automatically open the pause menu upon clicking outside of the game window or otherwise losing focus. 0: Game does not pause when focus is lost
1: Game pauses when focus is lost
SteamCloud Toggles whether saves are backed up to the Steam Cloud and achievements are synced with Steam.
MouseControl Toggles the ability to use a mouse as a controller. 0: Mouse control disabled
1: Mouse control enabled
Synergizes with reticle-based items, such as (except in Rebirth)Collectible Marked iconMarked, Collectible Doctor's Remote iconDoctor's Remote, Collectible Dr. Fetus iconDr. Fetus, etc.
BossHpOnBottom Unknown. Maybe toggles the boss HP bar or forces its location
AnnouncerVoiceMode Changes how often the narrator speaks the name of consumables upon using them.
ConsoleFont Unknown. Maybe changes the font of the console
FadedConsoleDisplay Unknown
SaveCommandHistory Toggles whether the game remembers the order in which commands have been inputted in the debug console. 0: Command history is not saved
1: Command history is saved
WindowWidth Changes the width of the game window. Width of the window in pixels Cannot be changed in real time.
WindowHeight Changes the height of the game window. Height of the window in pixels Cannot be changed in real time.
WindowPosX Changes the X position of the game window on the screen. X Position of the window in pixels Cannot be changed in real time.
WindowPosY Changes the Y position of the game window on the screen. Y Position of the window in pixels Cannot be changed in real time.
UseBorderlessFullscreen Toggles between fullscreen and borderless fullscreen. 0: Borderless fullscreen disabled
1: Borderless fullscreen enabled

Trivia[ | ]

  • The "Found HUD" option is a reference to "Missing HUD", a popular external program that would display Isaac's stats before it was officially added to the game.
  • The "Charge Bars" option is based on a popular Steam Workshop mod by user Wofsauge.
  • The French language was a Steam Workshop mod by user biobak that was officially implemented into the game.
  • The game's files contain several unused assets that would most likely have been available in the options :
    • A separate "Gamma" menu that would have allowed players to independently set Gamma, Exposure and Offset.
    • Sprites for option names that read "Aim lock", "Console", "Touch Mode", "Pen Opacity" and "Rumble".
    • Sprites for text that reads "Graphics" in the header color, indicating that there might have been a separate section in the options to change graphics-related settings.