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(in Repentance)

Online is an in-development mode exclusive to the Repentance DLC and PC that allows players to play co-op with other people on different devices. Players may choose to play with friends on Steam or be randomly matched with other players.

Online mode is currently not available. The initial plan was to open the beta the first two weeks of every months but Tyrone made the decision on February 2nd 2024 to shut down the beta until the full release.

Notes[ | ]

  • When a player joins a game that is in progress, they join automatically at the start of the next floor.
  • Giving coins to Donation Machines will revive dead players without needing to beat a boss, requiring 10 coins for each revival.
  • Achievements are enabled, unless you joined in the middle of a game, where a special icon will tell that achievements are disabled.
  • Many options usually available in single player are unavailable when playing online, such as switching modes and entering seeds.
    • Prior to the beta’s closure, modes were rotated in each beta. December 2023’s beta was Normal Mode only, January 2024 was Hard Mode only, and February 2024 was Greed Mode.
      • It was technically possible to play in Hard Mode in the December 2023 beta due to Victory Laps.
    • Even though you couldn’t switch modes, it showed an option to switch modes, but it's grayed out.
  • This mode shows a unique icon for Delirium completion mark found nowhere else.
  • When waiting in a lobby in online mode, text displays at the bottom stating the current status of the run and the floor that it is on. Texts displayed are:
  1. Fighting Boss in [Floor]: Players are fighting the boss. Waiting players spawn after end trapdoor entry.
  2. Fighting a Miniboss in [Floor]: Players are fighting a miniboss.
  3. Looking to the stars in [Floor]: Players have entered a Planetarium.
  4. Collecting treasure in [Floor]: Players have entered a Treasure Room.
  5. Shopping in [Floor]: Players have entered a shop.
  6. Exploring [Floor]: Players are in any normal room.
  7. Found a Secret in [Floor]: Players are exploring one of the various secret rooms.
  8. Praying to the angels/Making a deal with the devil in [Floor]: Players have entered a devil or angel deal.
  9. CURSED! in [Floor]: Players have entered a cursed room.
  10. Playing in Isaac's room in [Floor]: Players have entered a bedroom.
  11. Rummaging below [Floor]: Players are in a crawlspace.
  • Victory Laps don't disable achievements.
  • The game save file is based on the player who has the least done.
    • This means that if one player has not done something, then the game will act as its not done for everyone.
      • This proves especially detrimental for Character The Lost iconThe Lost and Character Keeper iconKeeper, who could be missing their buffs from special unlocks.
  • When moving to another room, the door behind you is closed for one second.
    • This was added in a later build of the online beta to prevent people fighting over where to go.
  • This mode adds a new pause menu only found while playing online.
    • This menu does not include the Completion Marks post it note that the normal menu has.

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