Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

One Tooths are large bats that fly. One Tooths will slowly approach Isaac, charging at random intervals at considerably higher speed. They will shy away from Isaac if directly approached.


  • One Tooths often appear in rooms with less walking space, so having an item that grants flying is a good way of avoiding hits.
  • Flocks of One Tooths can be very dangerous as they tend to swarm Isaac, making it difficult to circle them if he is cornered.


Fat Bat[]

Added in Afterbirth

Fat Bats are very large flying bat enemies added in Afterbirth.

The Fat Bat moves slower than a One Tooth but has more health. Fat Bats try to align themselves diagonally to Isaac, giving them a tendency to avoid his shots. They will try to shoot at Isaac once they are diagonally aligned.