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(in Repentance)
This article is about Nuh Uh!, similar in appearance to NO!.

Nuh Uh! is an unlockable trinket added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.

Effects[ | ]

  • On Chapter 4 and beyond, replaces all coin and KeyKey spawns with a random pickup from the table below.
Pickup Chance
BombBomb 26.6%
Red HeartHeart 26.6%
Pill 16.6%
Card 16.6%
Trinket 6.6%
Lil' BatteryLil' Battery 6.6%
  • If the pickup is a coin, it also has a 20% chance to be replaced with a FlyFly.

Notes[ | ]

  • All items, trinkets, cards, machines, etc. that spawn coins and keys synergize with this trinket and will cause a random pickup to be spawned instead.
  • The floors during the Ascent are unaffected.
  • This trinket has no effect in Greed Mode.
  • Coins and keys generated prior to holding Nuh Uh! are unaffected.

Synergies[ | ]

*Any mention of "Random pickups" refers to the above table. "~#" are averages as 20% of coins are flies.

  • Collectible Head of the Keeper iconHead of the Keeper: Coins generated by Head of the Keeper will be replaced with random pickups.
  • Collectible Sanguine Bond iconSanguine Bond: 17% of the time, generates ~5 random pickups, often allowing infinite use with red hearts.
  • The Sacrifice RoomSacrifice Room will pay out with ~26 random pickups on it's 10th use 50% of the time.
  • Collectible Midas' Touch iconMidas' Touch / Collectible Eye of Greed iconEye of Greed: Enemies affected by Midas' touch will drop 1-4 random pickups.
    • Because 20% of coins become harmless Flyflies, 20% of the time you can trigger this effect again by affecting and killing spawned flies.
  • Collectible Wooden Nickel iconWooden Nickel: Can generate a random pickup ~40% of the time.
    • Collectible 4.5 Volt icon4.5 Volt: Generate random pickups over the course of a fight.
  • Collectible Blank Card iconBlank Card: Allows repeated use of card effects that synergize with this trinket.
  • Soul of the KeeperSoul of the Keeper: Creates 0-25 random pickups.
  • Collectible IV Bag iconIV Bag / Collectible Piggy Bank iconPiggy Bank / Swallowed PennySwallowed Penny: Convert health into random pickups.
    • Collectible Gimpy iconGimpy / Collectible Old Bandage iconOld Bandage / Collectible Fanny Pack iconFanny Pack: Further increase the chance of hearts appearing after use allowing the generation of even more random pickups.
  • Character Tainted Keeper iconTainted Keeper: Coins generated by killing enemies will be replaced by random pickups, however they will still disappear after a short time.
  • Lucky RockLucky Rock: 26.6% of rocks exploded will drop random pickups.
  • Collectible Guppy's Tail iconGuppy's Tail: The keys needed to open gold chests will be converted to other pickups. However, the large quantities of coins generated from chests can be turned into many random pickups. Dropping Nuh Uh! at the start of the floor and then picking it back up to collect random pickups later allows for keys to collected but still gain large quantities of random pickups. Due to the large amount of pills and bombs generated, having the Bombs are Key pill effect in the pool may allow you to turn a surplus of bombs into a surplus of keys as needed.

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