Notched Axe is an activated item.


  • Dlc nr indicator.png Isaac holds the Notched Axe above his head as long as he is in that room, and can break any obstacles he touches, as well as being able to break through walls that lead into Secret Rooms.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Isaac stops shooting tears and holds the Notched Axe like Character The Forgotten icon.png The Forgotten's club, and can break obstacles, blow open doors, and hit enemies for 3x damage by swinging it. Hitting rocks or enemies or opening doors with the Notched Axe decreases its charge. Isaac can toggle back and forth between tears and using the Notched Axe by pressing the Active Item button. Once the Notched Axe destroys obstacles and/or damages enemies 64 times, it cannot be used for the rest of the floor.
  • Dlc r indicator.png The charges on Notched Axe cannot be refilled by means other than going to a new floor. This includes Batteries, Battery Bums, Dlc r indicator.png Collectible 4.5 Volt icon.png 4.5 Volt, Dlc a† indicator.png Collectible Jumper Cables icon.png Jumper Cables, etc.


  • Dlc nr indicator.png If Isaac takes damage while using the Notched Axe, his current use of the Axe will end.
  • Dlc nr indicator.png Isaac cannot attack or pick up other items while using the Notched Axe.
  • Dlc nr indicator.png Activating the item while it is already being used will end the effect. This does not require any charge.
  • Dlc r indicator.png The Notched Axe may be used to get access to the Stage Mines icon.png Mines. The door will break open with one swing.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Notched Axe shares its synergies with Character The Forgotten icon.png The Forgotten's bone club. See that page for details.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Notched Axe, like Character The Forgotten icon.png The Forgotten's bone club, may be used to pick up items that are just out of reach over a pit or spikes. This does not require any charge.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Notched Axe is able to destroy Key Blocks, despite the fact that they technically aren't rocks.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Notched Axe can open secret rooms, and so it can be used on walls to test for secret rooms without using charge.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Notched Axe cannot free Sticky Nickels.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Notched Axe can provoke an Angel Statue in Angel Rooms, triggering the boss fight.
  • Obstacles destroyed by the Notched Axe will never fill pits.


  • Dlc r indicator.png Collectible The Battery icon.png The Battery: Causes remaining charge from the previous floor to carry over to the next one.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Trinket Broken Padlock icon.png Broken Padlock: Allows the Notched Axe to open locked chests and doors; does not use durability.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Collectible Ipecac icon.png Ipecac: Melee attacks will trigger an explosion when they makes contact with an enemy; unlike with the Forgotten's bone club, Isaac will take damage from these Ipecac explosions.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Collectible Technology icon.png Technology: Melee attacks will cause a technology laser ring to appear around Isaac, damaging enemies.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Character Bethany icon.png Bethany: Breaking Notched Axe and using a Soul Charge to activate it again will allow for a single use before immediately breaking. However, Soul Charges are not consumed in the process, allowing for infinite use of Notched Axe. This also works with Character Tainted Bethany icon.png Tainted Bethany's blood charges and is likely unintentional.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Collectible Book of Virtues icon.png Book of Virtues: When used with the Book of Virtues, breaking obstacles has a chance to generate wisps that have different effects based on the "mineral" mined, from most common to least common:
    • Black wisp: Fires black tears that have the effect of Collectible A Lump of Coal icon.png A Lump of Coal and deal 2.5 damage.
    • Silver wisp: Fires metallic tears that have the effect of Collectible Iron Bar icon.png Iron Bar and deal 4 damage.
    • Gold wisp: Fires penny tears that have the effect of turning enemies gold, similar to Collectible Midas' Touch icon.png Midas' Touch and deal 3.5 damage.
    • Red wisp: Fires laser tears similar to the ones fired by Collectible Technology icon.png Technology and deal 3.5 damage.
    • Blue wisp: Fires diamond tears similar to the ones fired by Dlc a indicator.png Collectible Crown of Light icon.png Crown of Light that deal 7 damage.


In-game Footage

In Rebirth Dlc nr indicator.png

In Repentance Dlc r indicator.png


  • This item is a reference to Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of Minecraft.
    • It resembles an Iron Pickaxe, which can be used to mine stones and ores.
    • Part of the new effect of this item in Repentance resembles the behavior of item durability in Minecraft.
    • The item durability being 64 could also a reference the max amount of copies you could hold in a slot for most items in Minecraft.
  • The item is also a reference to the Notched Pickaxe from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which itself was most likely also a reference to Notch.
  • This item got significantly buffed from the original Binding of Isaac, where it could not open up secret rooms and could only break 1 rock for every use, though it did only have a 1 room recharge time.
  • The "mineral" wisps that appear when using Book of Virtues with this item follow the same scheme as they do in Minecraft, giving the player black, silver, gold, blue, and red wisps, most likely corresponding to the Minecraft minerals coal, iron, gold, diamond, and redstone respectively.


PC TKNS HMGD (Treasure room adjacent to spawn)

PS4 4WHX (First floor treasure room)

Vita HE2H MDS7

3DS 66LH Q1TM (First floor treasure room)

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