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Added in Repentance

Nancy Bombs is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


  • Grants 5 Bomb Bombs.
  • Causes Isaac's bombs to gain the effects of 1-4 random bomb synergies (most commonly 1).


  • Nancy Bombs cannot give the effects of Mr. Mega Mr. Mega, Rocket in a Jar Rocket in a Jar, or Giga Bomb Giga Bombs.
  • Even though Nancy Bombs can grant the Fast Bombs Fast Bombs synergy, this will have no effect on the bomb placement speed. It will, however, disallow that bomb to knock back other bombs.



  • This item originated in the Community Remix mod for the original Binding of Isaac, where it was known as Enigma Bombs. The item reappeared in Antibirth, where it went by its original name; the rename was likely to match the naming scheme of 3 Dollar Bill 3 Dollar Bill, Fruit Cake Fruit Cake, and Rainbow Worm Rainbow Worm.