My Reflection is a passive item.


  • Isaac's tears travel a short distance, then reverse direction and return to Isaac.
    • The tears are constantly pulled towards Isaac; if Isaac moves after shooting, the tears will always return to him.
  • Dlc nr indicator.png +1.5 range.
  • Dlc r indicator.png 1.6x+1.5 range.
  • 1.6x shot speed multiplier.
  • +1 tear height.


  • Collectible Anti-Gravity icon.png Anti-Gravity: The tears will slowly move towards Isaac instead of remaining stationary. Releasing the fire button will launch the tears as usual.
  • Collectible Brimstone icon.png Brimstone: Overrides My Reflection.
    • Dlc a indicator.png Makes the beam curve when moving. It has the same effect on Azazel's mini-brimstone and doubles the range.
    • Dlc r indicator.png The laser makes a thin loop in front of Isaac, and fires the normal laser backwards.
  • Dlc a indicator.png Collectible Continuum icon.png Continuum: If tears cross the border of the room, they will move towards Isaac from their new position rather than crossing back across the border.
  • Dlc a† indicator.png Collectible Compound Fracture icon.png Compound Fracture/ Collectible The Parasite icon.png The Parasite/ Collectible Cricket's Body icon.png Cricket's Body: Split tears will move towards Isaac.
  • Collectible Dr. Fetus icon.png Dr. Fetus: Not recommended. The bombs will slide back towards Isaac after having reached a certain distance.
    • When combined with Dlc r indicator.png Collectible Rocket in a Jar icon.png Rocket in a Jar, the rockets will not explode unless they hit an obstacle or enemy, making this much safer.
  • Collectible Epic Fetus icon.png Epic Fetus: Overrides My Reflection.
  • Dlc a† indicator.png Collectible Euthanasia icon.png Euthanasia: Needles from Euthanasia bursts will move towards Isaac.
  • Dlc a† indicator.png Collectible Flat Stone icon.png Flat Stone: Tears bounce away from and then back towards Isaac.
  • Dlc a† indicator.png Collectible Haemolacria icon.png Haemolacria: Range becomes extremely high, making Haemolacria tears follow Isaac for a long time before hitting the ground. Burst tears do not have a boomerang effect.
  • Collectible Ipecac icon.png Ipecac: Not recommended. The explosive tears will begin flying back towards Isaac after having reached a certain distance.
  • Dlc a† indicator.png Collectible Lachryphagy icon.png Lachryphagy: Tears will move towards Isaac and can still be fed and burst. The bursted tears will also move towards Isaac.
  • Collectible A Lump of Coal icon.png A Lump of Coal: The tears increase in damage as they are pulled towards Isaac.
  • Collectible The Ludovico Technique icon.png The Ludovico Technique: The tear will slowly move towards Isaac, and the shot speed increase allows the tear to be moved much faster.
  • Collectible Mom's Knife icon.png Mom's Knife: No effect, as the knife already has this effect.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Collectible Montezuma's Revenge icon.png Montezuma's Revenge: Causes the beam range behind Isaac to become significantly increased as well as having a short range similar to Azazel's beam in front of him. This greatly eases the use of this item allowing for high DPS.
  • Collectible My Reflection icon.png My Reflection: No further stat changes.
  • Piercing tears: Despite the piercing effect, tears cannot damage the same enemy multiple times.
  • Dlc a† indicator.png Collectible Pop! icon.png Pop!: Tears can still bounce off of each other but will try to return to Isaac.
  • Collectible Proptosis icon.png Proptosis: At base tear size, tears disappear before they can return to Isaac.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Collectible Pupula Duplex icon.png Pupula Duplex: Tears will spin like boomerangs, the effect is purely cosmetic.
  • Dlc r indicator.png Collectible Revelation icon.png Revelation: The laser makes a thin loop in front of Isaac, and fires the normal laser backwards.
  • Collectible Rubber Cement icon.png Rubber Cement: Isaac's tears will continually be pulled towards him, effectively reducing the chances that tears will bounce.
  • Collectible Spoon Bender icon.png Spoon Bender: If tears are close enough to an enemy, it will home in and damage them. If not, they will return to Isaac.
  • Collectible Strange Attractor icon.png Strange Attractor: Not recommended. While it may make it easier to hit enemies, it also makes it much easier for them to be attracted to Isaac, surrounding him.
  • Collectible Technology icon.png Technology: Overrides My Reflection.
    • Dlc a indicator.png Makes the beam curve when moving.
  • Collectible Technology 2 icon.png Technology 2/ Collectible Tech.5 icon.png Tech.5
    • Dlc nr indicator.png Tears return to character and the beams curve when moving.
    • Dlc r indicator.png The laser makes a thin loop in front of Isaac, and fires the normal laser backwards.
  • Dlc a indicator.png Collectible Tech X icon.png Tech X: Stat effects of My Reflection remain but the boomerang effect does not.
  • Collectible Tiny Planet icon.png Tiny Planet: The orbital tears will move faster to stay in orbit around Isaac, making aiming easier.
  • Dlc a† indicator.png Collectible Trisagion icon.png Trisagion: Makes the beams much longer as they move away from and then back towards Isaac.
  • Trinket Whip Worm icon.png Whip Worm: Further increases shot speed, making Isaac's tears travel much farther forward before returning to Isaac.

In-game Footage


  • This item is a reference to the concept of a mirror breaking when being looked into, usually played as a joke on ugly characters being 'so ugly they break the mirror'.
    • This may be a commentary on Isaac's poor self-esteem.
    • This item may also be a secondary reference to the superstition of a broken mirror causing seven years of bad luck.
  • In his first post-Repentance Lore Stream, Edmund McMillen stated that Isaac's visual appearance (ie: the crescent shape on his forehead) is simply a reference to the shape of boomerangs, as the item causes Isaac's tears to come back to him like the movement pattern of a boomerang.
    • Some have also drawn parallels to the visual appearance of the titular protagonist of the anime Sailor Moon, in which Sailor Moon has a crescent shape upon her forehead. This is likely coincidence, however.
  • In the same lore stream, McMillen explained that the reason Isaac's tears return to him is simply due to the idea of attacking a mirror, with the tears being reflected backwards similarly to how shiny surfaces (such as mirrors) reflect light.
  • This item is the only one to apply a multiplier to Isaac's shot speed, instead of a plain bonus.
  • This item is used in Challenges #7 (Suicide King) and #15 (Slow Roll).


PC 92WX MC2Y (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

PC Dlc r indicator.png 6KO4 NJBJ (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

PS4 MHSM 639B (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

Vita Y6WG 4J4Y (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

3DS VDHH BLGY (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

Switch NormalIndicator.png XB8K KRMF (First floor Treasure Room ; East from Start)

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