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The music in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Afterbirth, Afterbirth †, and Repentance was created by Ridiculon. These soundtracks can be purchased on Steam and on Ridiculon's Bandcamp page, as well as being available on Spotify, containing 32, 9, 4, and 20 tracks, respectively. Not all tracks heard in-game are included in the OST releases, and some tracks in the OST do not appear in-game or go unused.

Most main floor tracks have a heavier variant that plays when enough enemies or bosses are in the room. In the OST, these variants are generally heard in each song’s second half. What instrument is added is listed next to each track's name in square brackets.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth[]

Bandcamp title Spotify title (if different) Plays where? Internal filename
Genesis 22:10 (Title) N/A Removed in Afterbirth Title Screen title screen
Diptera Sonata [Guitar] Basement Basement diptera sonata(basement)
Crusade (Basic Boss Fight) Most boss fights basic boss fight
Sodden Hollow (Caves) [Bass guitar] Caves Caves the caves
The Forgotten (Secret Room) Secret Room Secret Room; Removed in Repentance Super Secret Room Super Secret Room secret to everyone
Abyss (The Depths) [Ambient sounds] Depths Depths the depths
Matricide (Mom Fight) Mom Mom fight mom fight
The Calm After defeating most bosses; Removed in Repentance before starting a Challenge Room Challenge Room the calm
Viscera (Womb) [Drums] Womb Womb; Removed in Repentance Utero Utero the womb chapter four
Ventricide (Womb Fight) Mom's Heart Mom's Heart womb fight
Acceptance (You Died) Death screen you died
Anima Vendit (Deal With the Devil) Devil Room Devil Room; Satan Satan fight before The Fallen spawns deal with the devil
Duress (Sheol) [Drums] Sheol Sheol sheol
Hericide (Satan Fight) Satan fight after defeating The Fallen satan fight
Murmur of the Harvestman (Store) Shop Shop store loop
Empty Vessels (Angel Room) Angel Room Angel Room angel room
Everlasting Hymn (Cathedral) [Backing choir] Cathedral Cathedral cathedral chant
Infanticide (Isaac Fight) Isaac Isaac fight isaac fight
Ambush Same name, but at the end of the album Challenge Room Challenge Room; Removed in Repentance Boss Rush Boss Rush ambush
Tome of Knowledge (Library) N/A Library Library library
Periculum (The Cellar) [Guitar] Cellar Cellar the cellar alt
Capitulus Calvaria (Catacombs) [Guitar] Catacombs Catacombs catacombs
When Blood Dries (Necropolis) [Guitar] Necropolis Necropolis necropolis
Sketches of Pain (Chest Room) [Guitar] Chest Chest chest room chapter 6
Ascension (Chest Fight) ??? ??? Fight chest fight
Devoid (___________) Devoid (Dark Room) Dark Room Dark Room dark room alt chapter 6
The Fallen Angel (_____________) The Fallen Angel (Dark Room Fight) The Lamb The Lamb fight dark room fight
Tribute (Credits Roll) Tribute (Credits) Removed in Repentance Credits credits roll
Genesis 13:37 (Retro Beats) N/A Arcade Arcade retro beats 8-6-14
Hush (Jesus Loves Uke) Added in Repentance Credits after beating Mom's Heart for the 10th time jesus loves uke
Descensum (BONUS) Descensum (Bonus Track) (not heard in-game) (n/a)
He's the Number One (BONUS) He's the Number One (Bonus Track) (not heard in-game) (n/a)

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth[]

Bandcamp title Spotify title (if different) Plays where? Internal filename
ReGenesis Regenesis (Title) Added in Afterbirth / Removed in Repentance Title Screen regenesis (loop) v3
Cerebrum Dispersio (Boss Alt) N/A Chance to replace Crusade cerebrum dispersio (boss alt) loop
Cicatrix [Drums] Cicatrix (Scarred Womb) Scarred Womb Scarred Womb cicatrix (scarred womb) loop
Fundamentum [Guitar] Fundamentum (Burning Basement) Burning Basement Burning Basement burning basement loop
Kave Diluvii [Guitar] Kave Diluvii (Flooded Caves) Flooded Caves Flooded Caves kave diluvii (flooded caves) loop
Nativitate [Guitar] Nativitate (Dead Womb) ??? ??? nativitate (dead womb floor) loop
Morituros Morituros (Hush Fight) Added in Afterbirth Hush Hush fight morituros (dead womb boss) loop
Pulso Profundum [Drums] Pulso Profundum (Dank Depths) Dank Depths Dank Depths pulso profundum (dank depths ) loop
Chorus Mortis (Alt Title Theme) Chorus Mortis (Ultra Greed) Added in Afterbirth Ultra Greed Ultra Greed fight chorus mortis (punk credit) loop

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth †[]

Bandcamp title Spotify title (if different) Plays where? Internal filename
Terminus ( ________ ) Terminus The Void The Void void
Delirium N/A Added in Afterbirth † Delirium Delirium fight delirium fight
Sepulcrum Removed in Repentance Final Ending / Added in Repentance Ending 20 the_void_ending
Ante Lucem (BONUS) Ante Lucem (not heard in-game) (n/a)

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance[]

Bandcamp title Spotify title (if different) Plays where? Internal filename
Genesis Retake Light N/A Added in Repentance Title Screen genesis retake light loop
River of Despair (Downpour) [Heavier instrumentation] Downpour Downpour downpour
Juggernaut (Boss Alt) Boss fights on Repentance alt floors boss alt
Fissure (Mines) [Heavier instrumentation] Mines Mines mines
Super Secret Room Added in Repentance Super Secret Room Super Secret Room secret room alt
Walls of Denial (Mausoleum) [Heavier instrumentation] Mausoleum Mausoleum mausoleum
Dread (The Calm Twisted) After defeating the Mausoleum variant of Mom's Heart Mom's Heart the calm twisted v4 loop
Carrion (Corpse) [Guitar] Corpse Corpse corpse
Morticide (Corpse Fight) Added in Repentance Mother Mother fight mother_boss_v6
Caesarian (Utero) [Guitar] Added in Repentance Utero Utero utero
Armageddon (Boss Rush) Added in Repentance Boss Rush Boss Rush boss rush
StarGazer (Planetarium) Stargazer (Planetarium) Planetarium Planetarium planetarium
Night Soil (Dross) [Heavier instrumentation] N/A Dross Dross sewer
Absentia (Ashpit) [Heavier instrumentation] Ashpit Ashpit ash pit
Morning Star (Gehenna) [Heavier instrumentation] Gehenna Gehenna gehenna
Bygone Ultra Secret Room Ultra Secret Room super secret room loop (sic)
Home [Mom's shouts] Home Home echoes of mom
Living In The Light Added in Repentance Dogma Dogma fight static boss light v2
Revelations 13-1 Added in Repentance The Beast The Beast fight the_end_beast
Genesis Retake Dark Tainted character select genesis retake twisted loop
(Not Included) Added in RepentanceKnife Piece 2 Knife Piece 2 area vast empty chasm
Added in Repentance Mother's Shadow Mother's Shadow chase chased by death v3
Ascent genesis ii reverse
Home Home at night echoes of mom twisted v2
Added in RepentanceDeath Certificate Death Certificate area echoes reverse
Added in Repentance Final Ending end end end vo
Replaces Jesus Loves Uke after unlocking Added in RepentanceDead God Dead God jesus loves viggo v3


  • Besides the music listed here, Ridiculon have released two unofficial albums; The Binding of Isaac - Lullabies (which has a colon instead of a hyphen on Spotify) and The Binding of Isaac: Mutations.
  • Ridiculon have also released a single titled The Binding of Christmas, though this is only available on Bandcamp.
  • Devoid and The Fallen Angel's descriptions are simply a line of underscores on Bandcamp, while they have real descriptions in the Spotify release. This was likely done to prevent spoilers, as Dark Room Dark Room was new to Rebirth and not present in Flash Isaac. Terminus also has these underscores, but the description is entirely absent in the Spotify release.
  • The Legend of Bum-Bo, a Binding of Isaac spinoff, has a title theme that sounds similar to and shares a name with Rebirth’s title theme.
  • In an interview on Steam, Ridiculon producer Jon Evans listed the OST songs he is most proud of: “‘Sodden Hollow’ for its dripping groove. ‘Sheol’ for even being allowed to be so terrifying in a game OST. ‘Delirium’ for its dank heaviness.” He also points out that “every track we’ve written for Repentance is our fave.”
  • ??? ???’s and Home Home’s music both have “heavy” layers that normally cannot be heard in-game since their respective floors do not contain enemies.
    • Added in Repentance ???’s theme can now be heard in-game by various methods, such as using Added in RepentanceRed Key Red Key in ???.
  • The filename of Jesus Loves Viggo alludes to Viggo Bossi, Isaac’s voice actor, who sings on the track.