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Mr. Maws walk towards Isaac and when in range it will launch its head towards him. It appears to be a Maw Maw attached to a Gusher Gusher and will turn into either upon death depending on the killed body segment. It can also randomly separate at will into a Gusher and a Maw.


Mr. Red Maw[]

Added in Afterbirth †

Mr. Red Maws behave similarly to Mr. Maw, but moves quicker and has a Red Maw Red Maw as its head instead of a regular Maw Maw. If the Red Maw segment is killed first, it will release four shots in the cardinal directions like a regular Red Maw. It can also occasionally separate at will.

Mr. Mine[]

Added in Afterbirth †

Mr. Mines are chained to pits and will attempt to launch themselves at Isaac if he comes near. They will occasionally burrow and pop up in another pit, often near Isaac. Upon death, they fire six shots in all directions.

Since pits have a chance to replace rocks in the Flooded Caves where Mr. Mine resides, this can give them more tiles to utilize.


Swingers behave differently to its variants as rather than firing its head, the Swinger's head is constantly detached and spins around its base clockwise in a fixed radius, while slowly sliding towards Isaac. The cord connecting the head and body of a Swinger isn't solid and does not deal damage. If the base is killed, the spinning head turns into a Maw Maw, and if the head is killed, the base turns into a Globin Globin in its goo form which then can reform into a Globin.

When entering a room, their heads will be retracted and slowly rotate outwards until they reach max length. Added in Afterbirth † Since Booster Pack #5, Swingers extend their heads at a much slower pace, making it easier to avoid damage.



  • Mr. Mine and Mr. Red Maw were added in Booster Pack #5.
  • Though the Maw Maw appears to have eyes when attached to the Globin Globin, if the Maw survives and spawns upon the Swinger's death, then it will have empty eye sockets.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Mr. Maw makes Gaper noises while chasing Isaac, while Mr. Red Maw makes the Maw noise only if the Red Maw Red Maw segment dies first.
  • Mr. Mine is based on the enemy Crunch from The End is Nigh.
  • Mr. Mine may be named after the Pokemon "Mr. Mime."


Bug Bug! Removed in Afterbirth † If a Swinger's neck touches a red poop, the neck sometimes disappears while the Swinger keeps swinging.