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Added in Afterbirth †

Mom's Shovel is an active item added in Booster Pack #5.

It is obtained by collecting both pieces of the Broken Shovel.


  • Using this on a dirt patch that appears in grave rooms will unlock The Forgotten The Forgotten.
    • It is possible to unlock the Forgotten even if The Negative The Negative has not yet been unlocked by teleporting straight to the dark room via a Sacrifice Room.
    • Once the Forgotten is unlocked, digging into dirt patches will instead spawn a random type of chest.
  • Spawns a trapdoor that leads to the next floor upon activation, identical to We Need to Go Deeper! We Need to Go Deeper!
    • Like We Need to Go Deeper!, it can occasionally spawn Crawl Spaces.
    • However, it does not spawn a trapdoor when used above a pit, unlike We Need to Go Deeper!.
    • Does not spawn a trapdoor when used in Sheol Sheol.
    • Does not spawn a trapdoor when used in ??? ???. (Hush's Area.)


  • Once Mom's Shovel is complete, the stomping caused by Broken Shovel Broken Shovel stops.
  • Unlike the Broken Shovel, Mom's Shovel will not disappear if it is left on a pedestal, and Isaac leaves and re-enters the room it was left in.
  • Like We Need to Go Deeper! We Need to Go Deeper!, this item can be used to destroy rocks if used while Isaac is flying over a rock.
  • Added in Repentance The entire sidequest involving The Shovel and challenge with constant stomping can be circumvented entirely if Added in RepentanceSpindown Dice Spindown Dice is used on Added in RepentanceMucormycosis Mucormycosis, as it will reroll into the completed Shovel.


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  • This item could be a reference to Ending 20, where Isaac is dead inside the chest being nothing but skeletal remains, and this item was what Mom used to bury Isaac underground.
  • Mom's Shovel can be obtained in Greed Mode by using Spindown Dice on Mucormycosis.